First of May Monster

By JoCo April 23, 2007

Here’s a monster by mail based on the “word” firstofmay (the word is from Middle English I think). [Actually: I am wrong, it is not a word at all – I failed to notice that there is a new theme of “fictional monster movies” over at Monster By Mail. I’m leaving my joke though.] Do not watch it if you are a child, are offended by copious uses of the F-bomb, or are going to report it to the YouTube smut removal police. Do watch it if you would like to see Len drawing what is quite literally a beast with two backs.


Christine says

Actually, it was for his monster horror movie title series. "The First of May." And even though I requested it, it took me about 30 seconds to figure out what the hell that brown thing was out in the yard.

Glenn says

All I had to know was that the %@$-damned thing was #$%@#$ outside.

Jen says

Len sure knows how to make the ladies blush. It took me a good couple of seconds to figure out what it was, and then I had to try to cover up the giggles.

Radien says

Erm... Hmm.... this is sort of like an inkblot test. I knew going into it that it was probably going to be something vaguely obscene. I can make out two possible visualizations for it... both of which I am hesitant to describe in writing for fear of making my keyboard blush.