YouTube Erosion

By JoCo April 20, 2007

They are dropping like flies. Now they’ve taken down the Code Monkey video by Mousewrites that used clips from Stargate Atlantis – yes, it was definitely a copyright violation. Still, a shame.


Seth says

If you're using IE7, go to and click the "get tools" link. There is a simple addon that downloads youtube videos. There are dozens of others out there, but that was the easiest for me to find.

Firefox has a similar addon from the same people, I believe.

Save everything locally. YouTube and similar sites make a great place to explore but a lousy respoitory.

zianeu says

Which tool was that, please? That sounds great.

Joseph says does the same thing.

SGA vid? Wish I'd have seen it...

Kerrin says

This could be the sign that you are getting too well know for YouTube to ignore the videos that are breaking copy right and have your name as a keyword. That is a good thing.

Heather says

You can find the SGA "Code Monkey" vid on a site called imeem. Go here: