Visual Post Thing a Week?

By JoCo April 20, 2007

Len sends me this image, done in response to my Alanis cover. Maybe she’s angry about that wallpaper…


spamwise says

I thought he was done with his Monster-By-Mail, yet, here we see either "CantGetEnoughCellPhone" or "IToldYouNeverToCall" :)

Kodamakitty says

LOL - it looks like our Harmony remote (yes, I am married to a geek), so I was thinking it might be "Don'tChangetheChannelYouJerk."

Your creativity has a definite ripple effect, JoCo, even if Alanis has never heard of you (which, you never know...)


Owl Butt says

How is it that you and Hodgman both have cartoonist underlings. I want one.

glych says

I'm a cartoonist... I think I might draw my own rendition ;)


Phallicus says

Indeed. I mean, the part about the cartoonist underlings.
I've had underlings before, but they were horrible artists and really only good for singing a-capella on command.
Needless to say this furthered my evil ambitions nicely.