How I Work

By JoCo April 20, 2007

Here’s an interview with Cecil Vortex in which I talk about my creative process. Aren’t I endlessly fascinating?


Andrine says

How do you work this thing? The notebook thing doesn't work for me when I'm in the shower, doing yoga or giving a massage, which is when I get my best ideas, of course. Must be the empty mind issue. I've tried the "installing buttons" technique where I press some body part while thinking of the idea, then retreive it later by pressing that 'button'. Not that you need any ideas. You're already endlessly fascinating. I've tried and tried and tried and tried, but how do you work this thing?

beatrice says

Imagine my surprise when reading the NYT today and coming across your name in an article on fair trade coffee. You're EVERYWHERE. With your glasses.

Daisy says