Too Many Monsters

ByJoCo April 19, 2007

Len has finished his 150th Monster by Mail, an astounding achievement. From the horse’s mouth:

A few weeks ago, I set out to draw 150 original monster drawings with videos to raise money for health care and doctor bills for our new baby in the fall. Well, I finished monster 150 last night and you can watch the process here:

To draw all 150 monsters, I drew 4-12 a day for 3 weeks straight.

For those interested viewers, I will be re-opening the shop again soon (probably by the end of the week) with a new monster theme and plenty or original drawings to go around.

Congrats to Len – ice that drawing hand, because it’s probably going to swell up.


Janet says

Wow! I just went through all the still photos, and watched half a dozen of the videos. It's like a lesson in shading, perspective, coloring, etc. just to watch. I wish I had been one of the people who ordered one. I'm so glad Len's doing another series.

Yvonne Marie Andres says

Chihuhaualike is Len's monster tribute to Wanda Star, my 5 lb broccoli eating Chihuhahua - I mean how gruesome can a Chihuahua be??

Wanda's Chihuahualike Monster video

Wanda's Dogster page

Marysusan says

Len's Postphilosophical monster was a gift for my philosopher husband...who amazingly enough...kind of looks like the monster. He is tall and bald and bearded...but not blue.