YouTube Strikes Again

By JoCo April 17, 2007

It certainly took a while, but YouTube has finally gotten around to removing Spiff’s First of May video for being too dirty. As they say in their email to him, it was “…flagged by members of the YouTube community and reviewed by YouTube staff…”



Jeremy Henty says

I guess that's what Spiff gets for failing to include a declaration that none of the sheep were underage.

Anyway, now I can feel smug for being the kind of old-fashioned crusty that downloads stuff on to his hard drive just in case this new-fangled Interweb thingy goes on the blink. As soon as I read this posying I watched the video again. Yay, Machinima porn!

Jeff says

Wow, what a bunch of pansies. Youtube is sucking more and more each day.

Glenn Peters says

They couldn't have waited just two more weeks?

Kerrin says

is it hosted on google videos? I know they are technically the same company.

I'll host it on my podcast site....libsyn have no moral standards :)

Jeff says

Haha,agreed Glenn...just two more weeks! There were so many people i wanted to show that video to >_

Spiff says

My first six videos are still hosted on FilePlanet (, so you can still get it there. I've heard that this doesn't work when viewed with a Mac (stupid FilePlanet), so be forewarned.

When I first got the email, I tried to work myself up to be mad, but really, it was inevitable, and there's no fighting it -- it is in fact inappropriate (deliciously so).

Kerrin, if you want to host the videos, I say go for it. I had been trying to keep all the videos on YouTube because that way I could keep a running tally of the total number of views for each (Re: Your Brains = 290,430, Code Monkey = 327,102. Thanks for asking), but I'm not sure how much I care anymore. Anyone in the world who wants the videos, you can have them!

Spiff says

In the meantime, I just posted up First Of May on my server: Feel free to grab it and show it to whoever you like.

Chris Radcliff says

Inappropriate? Dirty? I don't get it. Was it the part that COMMENT REDACTED

Chris Radcliff says

Hey! That's not fair. All I was doing was pointing out the part of the video where the COMMENT REDACTED

Spiff says


EvilEastJoe says

waaaaaaaaaaaah!!! just when i discovered it... i was gonna show it to some friends but its gooooooooone!!! damn those narcs... i hate when people report/flag stuff... grrrrrrrrr...

and i tryed getting it from your server, but the link isnt working for me...

Phu says

EvilEastJoe... look at it man, ya can't have a trailing dot. just remove it or use this one:

EvilEastJoe says

thanks Phu... i got it... weeeeeeeeeee!!!

Spiff says

Hey, looks like my earlier paranoia has finally paid off. I just remembered that back when I was first posting First Of May to YouTube, I was worried I'd be banned or something, so I made a Google Video account too. I just checked, and First Of May is still available there. Go figure.

Radien says

Oh my god...

...Wow, Spiff. Just... wow. When you break the YouTube user agreement, you definitely go for the gusto.

The scariest part of the video is the dancing and copulating naked gnomes.

Although the Jonathan Coulton cameo certainly deserves mention, just for the fact that you were daring enough to put him into the video... but not as the narrating character. (yay?)

Chris says

Youtube has gotten so lame. First they remove the YuGiOh Abridged series (a funny ass parody off of yugioh I hate yugioh but love the parody) Now the video for "First of May!?!?" It was even labeled as "mature content." There are things floating around the net that should be taken down. That video was not one of them.

Spiff says

I don't get how YouTube works. They took the video down a couple of days ago, buy my "total views" number for the video is still going up. In fact it spiked to 1000 new views for yesterday, almost as if people heard that it had been taken down and so went to view it, except that it's supposed to have been taken down... My head hurts now.

Paul says

Yeah, I'll bet the YouTube staff "reviewed" the video. I'll bet they are STILL reviewing it. *wink wink* Anyway, the part that cracked me up most was the little guy chasing the sheep everywhere.