Who Has This Kind of Time?

By JoCo April 17, 2007

Two clips that make me ask that question:

Amazing Rube Goldberg Device

Super Mario Nightmare Level

I don’t even have time to watch these all the way through…


Kerrin says

That 1st video is awesome.

The second is painful to watch, I have very little patients...I wouldn't have a console if I played that level.

Luke M says

Rube Goldberg devices, eh?

Here's some good ones from Japan.

This is a trailer for the 30-min. German physics-based chain-reaction art project The Way Things Go.

Japan again: Ramen now more convenient than ever!

And this is how we do it in the U.S. of A.--on Jimmy Kimmel Live, natch.

I love these things.

DoctorG says

Well, the first one was done by a marketing company. So that means somebody got paid to make that contraption. My dream job!

As an art student back when dinosaurs walked the earth, one of my assignments was to make a Rube Goldberg machine. As its final step, the thingiecrammie blew itself up. Very satisfying.

Dearmer says

I don't know if I've laughed at *anything* lately as hard as I laughed at the second link. Thanks so much for that!

Darias says

The first one was awesome.

The second one hurts me.

Glenn says

Hey, JoCo -- are you ever going to play NYC again? I turned a friend on to you music, and she's despairing of ever seeing you there.

Mike says

A bit too late probably, but the top image of the page of that first video link may not be safe for some work environments.

Then again, if you can watch Super Mario at work, you're probably ok.

Lhyzz says

That Rube Goldberg device was brilliant. It had some very clever components, but my favorite was the chessboard.