Interview on LX.TV

By JoCo April 12, 2007

The bravely mustachioed George Oliphant asks me some questions and I answer as part of LX.TV’s “Drinks With” series of interviews (I was not drinking – for heaven’s sake it was the middle of the day). Later I play a couple of songs. They also tell me that some of this business will appear on the actual TELEVISION this Monday at 11:30 AM on NBC, during their actual TELEVISION PROGRAM “1st Look.”

The full interview is embedded below, and here are links to Code Monkey and You Ruined Everything.


Kodamakitty says

That IS a rather brave mustache!

I loved the Apple product placement - hopefully someone out there hears you and throws some freebies your way.

I've got my tickets for Chicago - can't wait!

^_^ Liza

Len says

"That's one for free, Steve". Classic.

Great interview!

Gina says

Coulton: cooool.
Oliphant: cheeeeeezy.

Darias says

Far too often my own pathetic facial growth wished it could be a bit fuller. After seeing THAT beastly lip cover, I shall be happy with the hair my ancestry has given me.

One thing though, where's the "later I play some songs?" Sure, I know how to make a Lilac Martini now, but where's the music?

Darias says

never mind...I guess I shouldn't try to read AND post to forums this early in the morning.

Luke M says

JoCo world conquest continues apace. Excelsior!

Glenn says

I just realized you're going to be playing the Iron Horse just a couple of days after the Cordelia's Dad 20th Anniversary concert there. I'm very tempted to go camp out under the bridge in Noho for CoDa and JoCo.

Jeff says

Awesome interview JoCo! The Apple product placement, funny stuff :D

mitch says

I love the hobo sign in the beginning. Good interview.

Mirko says

As you said the distribution of your songs is strongly connected with the 'some rights reserved' - I just watched a warcraft movie with "The First Of May" - than watched this interview and I love your lifestyle.

Keep it up - please :)

Dean says

Great interview! Keeps us JoCoHeads up to date with stuff. I wish there was more information on Wikipedia though.

Gotta get the word out!

Gle3nn says

Don't you think it would have been better to have performed "Drinking with You" for this show?