Code Monkey Card Game

By JoCo April 11, 2007

Mike has created the first ever JoCo card game, based on Code Monkey, and using art from the ever-prolific and always fabulous Len. It’s freely available for download here. At this rate, there should be an action figure of me by year’s end. I wonder if I will have a utility belt?


Spiff says

Very professionally done, and it looks like fun.

hugh says

No belt at all. The JC action figure's pants will always be falling down.

Mike says

Paul and Storm already have action figures. Let's see, I used to know the web site of what you *really* want...

Ah, here it is.

Actually, one day while shopping we did see the Jonathan Coulton pez dispenser, but it was part of an expensive pack...

You can see JoCo on the right.

(Also, thanks Spiff)

Bry says

Looks like fun. I've always suspected that it was possible to use FRITOS to END WORLD HUNGER (never mind MAKE DOLPHINS SPEAK), but this just confirms it.

Kerrin says

Blimey! Good idea, and well done. How about a top trumps game on the songs, or something along the lines of a TCG?

Bob says

Very cool!

It needs a ukelele card though. :-)

JoCo says

Maybe in the expansion pack...