Creepy Uke

By JoCo April 9, 2007

Those of you who came to the NYC show at the Cutting Room were certainly as thrilled with Kristen’s ukulele contributions as I was (not to mention the solid backing vocal work of the ever-solid Paul and Storm). Proof of awesomeness provided by Scott – check out the Creepy Doll video.


Darias says

How Kirsten's uke somehow to make that song actually CREEPIER even before the hook at the end. Great performance. :)

Glenn says

Wow - not only multiple people, but multiple cameras -- great performance!

Luke M says

Oh yeah. Very nice.

If I keep begging, will we get more complete shows in audio and/or video? Cause that clip is good quality and it would be super swell to get the whole performance.

2007 would be a good year to put out a live album, hint hint.

Andrea says

Amazing performance! And I like ukelele lady, and RevBigHead's production values are astonishing for YouTube. I would love to see more of that show! Is that a futile, hopeless dream?

Ken says

The whole show was awesome.

Ukes, not nukes!

M_Pony says

Now how do you play the song -without- uke? Perhaps banjo and cello can help approach creepiness from another direction?

Maren says

can you please take the creepy doll lyrics song on this site ?

Johanna says

I love the song and video, but I made the mistake of listening to it right before bed..... *shudder*