Monster By Mail

By JoCo April 2, 2007

Len, the excellent illustrator behind Visual Thing a Week and the JoCo Coloring Book, has been doing a really great project called Monster By Mail. Send him a descriptive word and he will draw a monster based on it, send the original to you on a postcard, and post a video of him doing the drawing. The guy is expecting his 80th child or whatever, so he could certainly use your $$$, in exchange for which you will receive an awesome monster IN THE MAIL.


Len says

Thanks for posting this Jonathan.

As I mentioned to JoCo, this is kind of like TAW on steroids. I'm trying to draw at least 2 day during the week. Maybe more if I can find the time.

I should also mention that I am only doing 150 of them. So they really are going to be limited editions!

Javier says

I ordered mine yesterday. I'm looking forward to the drawing and the video. As of yesterday, my favorite was "Gothy," but then today I watched the making of "Lovecraftian." Great work!

Bassguy says

I just ordered a "Ninja" monster. I can't wait.

Kerrin says

I was going to go with 'JoCo' and then remembered, I'm not suppose to spend any more money this month :(

Mike says

I'm strapped for cash, but maybe next month for my wife's birthday. If there are any left...

tomfoolry says

Len: Thanks for the perfect birthday present for my housemate. He *hates* sticky things.

This is the most brilliant idea I've seen in a long time! I stayed up way too late last night watching all the videos. It's like magic to those of us who are artistically challenged.

Oh, and at some point would it be possible to publish a playlist of all the songs you used?

Len says

Thanks Tom.

Most of the songs are from a collection online called "Ghouls WIth Attitude." There is also another collection called "Calling All Fiends". Most of the instrumental stuff is coming from a stock music library that I have.

And yes, JoCo will be appearing on a few of these. I just need to find the right one.

Yvonne Marie Andres says

I can hardly wait to see Len's Chihuahua-like monster creation -- which is a tribute to Wanda -- my 5 pound, broccoli and cashew eating Chihuahua.

Of course, Wanda already has her own Dogster "myspace" page at

Oh yes - I know she will definitely be the envy of all her dogster buddies! :-)

Yvonne Marie
San Diego, California

Javier says

Octopus is up, and he's a guitar playing hobo!