Lost Weekend

By JoCo April 2, 2007

Had another one of those stretches where I see the emails come in, think of lots of things to blog, and don’t do anything about either one. But you should know that Baltimore was a small but fun crowd (and the 8×10 has a fantastic green room situation), the Cutting Room in NYC featured some really stupendous, uke-drenched versions of a couple tunes (thank you Kristen), and last night I performed with Hodgman at dear old Yale in the dining hall where I used to eat broccoli-cheese strata.
I’ve got a quiet April in terms of playing – nothing at all scheduled this month in fact. Hoping to get a little writing done if you want to know the truth. But I’m back in May with the Northampton show on the 2nd and Johnny D’s in Boston on the 3rd – they should both be really big exciting crowds if past performances are any indication. Now: to my email!


Darias says

...Columbus could use some love. :)

(at the very least, it'll save me a road trip to Dayton in May)

Shruti says

Humph. Yale. Yes, I'm grumpy because they rejected me.

Seriously, how do people get in there? My friend Andrew who is pretty much the amazingest person I know only managed to make the wait list...

Sorry. Inferiority complex and whatnot. I am not as resentful of you as I seem.

Scott Haley says

Is there such a thing of good strata? I like the idea of strata, but the strata I've had weren't good.

Annie says

Thanks again for a great show in Baltimore! My friends and I are super-excited to have JoCo-approved drawings (I was the art school student who got a picture with you). I'm going to be an activities planner for the school next year, so if you come back soon, I'll organize an official trip for all the students and there will be A HORDE of us awkward artsy types singing and laughing and sketching you from the crowd. A HORDE, I SAY.

Marysusan says

I must say that the Cutting Room show was the highlight of my week! Of course...I was sitting in front of a very enthusiastic man who continually made pirate zombie noises throughout the show...even when unprompted. (You know who you are) And yes...the Uke playing was HOT!!!

Karl says

Ug. the week I move from baltimore, JoCo plays 8x10.. Sorry I missed it.

M says

Baltimore DOES have the best crowds. Come back soon!