First of May Month (April)

By JoCo April 2, 2007

Since it’s First of May Month (April), I’ve made the karaoke version of First of May free to download all month at the top of the main page on my site. Please don’t sing it in front of children, I already catch enough flack for the swearing.


Darias says

My WoW guild occasionally holds a karaoke night on our guild meeting nights. When someone did your rendition of Baby Got Back (as a male-female duet no less), I got excited to see karaoke versions of your songs.

First thought though: " First of May over TeamSpeak. Very bad."

heath says

Fantastic! I was a choral singer for a long time but have never had the guts for karaoke. I think this is the song to just go for it with. Thanks!

Randal C. says

I'm going to find some parents with an open mind and a six-year-old to perform this.

minimo says

Randal, don't do it.
For so many reasons.
I hope you were kidding.

Luke M says

How about "outdoor storking"?

mombeka says

(for the kiddies..)

I believe the censored version of this song goes:
"The First of May, the First of May,
Outdoor sports begin today"

JoCo says

Paul and Storm and I sang it on the radio as "...outdoor hugging starts today."

Marysusan says

As I recall...there was a 10 year old with very liberal parents at the Cutting Room last weekend...and how glad we were of it too.

Brett says

I'm the dad of the 10-year-old, and although my own language doesn't get much stronger than "shoot" and "darn" (which look pretty much as goofy as any other "cursing" when written out), I don't really think the unexpurgated "First of May" is really going to damage anyone. It's just words (and for humor, at that). It does help that I can trust my son not to go around singing it, though, to avoid other people getting bent out of shape.
I did think it was very thoughtful of JC to ask if it was OK first, though. And I do wonder if the parents of the one-year-old that was there are going to be surprised by his/her first word :-)

I thought the show was great, and so did my son and wife and our friends we brought along. It was a great crowd, you could tell from the "Arrr"s and the "Braaains" that everyone was having a good time (and that's kind of a weird sentence, now that I look at it...)

Odineye says

This song is too catchy and fun not to sing out loud - which was a serious problem at work.

I ended up with something like:

First of May, First of May,
Outdoor *eating* starts today,
So bring your favorite lady
and a great big bag of Lays...

Tan Shar Pei says

They're just words, no? And what's more obscene: fuckin' or fighting?

We always thought we were careful with language around our kids, who are now well old enough that they've heard it all. But when our son was two, he waited until we were out, and my in-laws were babysitting, to ask at dinner, "What does 'fuck' mean?" Oopsy, bad parents.

Great show in Baltimore last week. Small crowd though it might have been, there was a lot of good energy, and I for one had a really good time. Being a new fan, I am still getting up to speed, but enjoyed the selections. First saw you during Ze Frank's last week of The Show, and then on Merlin Mann's vlog the next day, went to your site and saw you were coming down my way. Then my wife was reading John Hodgman's book and I saw the furry lobster, etc. All this interconnectedness -- what does it mean?