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By JoCo March 26, 2007

The RIAA was voted the worst company in America on Consumerist – nice work boys.

The EFF has filed a suit on behalf of the makers of a YouTube video that was taken down during that whole Viacom thing. They say that Viacom’s complaint against this video, which uses clips of The Colbert Report in a parody, was a violation of the DMCA and an infringement of the film makers’ right to free speech. Probably not worth a billion dollars or anything, but it’s nice to know there’s someone like the EFF willing to step up for fair use.

More important than either of these, two excellent shows were had this weekend in Ardmore and Annapolis. Thanks to both audiences for coming out and making even the afternoon show really fun and rocktastic. This Thursday I’ll be at the 8×10 in Baltimore, and then Friday at the Cutting Room in NYC.


Luke M says

JoCo, any chance of any soundboards from the Spring Tour making their way to the fans? Do the sound guys let you plug in a recorder? I'm dying to hear your cover of "Vienna."

Gina says

Yes, excellent show at Ram's Head. And two weeks ago at Jammin' Java. Before that, knew next to nothing about you - I had seen the Re: Your Brains video a while back and enjoyed it and that was all. Went to see Paul and Storm and am now a rabid JoCo fan! Wish I could come Thursday! Enjoy your monkey/pony...:)

snabby says

Looking forward to the show at 8x10. I'm a new fan, first having seen you on Ze Frank's show, and then almost immediately after on Merlin Mann's.

Before the show, if you're hungry, the best chicken salad I've ever had is available at the Cross St. Market, 20 paces from the 8x10, at a little place called the Chicken Box. Yummy.

Jeff says

Indeed, excellent show in Ardmore. Was awesome to finally be able to see you live. Come back to Ardmore/Philly soon!

Jeff says

PS: Lovin the Skullcrusher shirt ;-)

Javier says

Yeah, I've been getting a lot of questions about my Skullcrusher shirt and I love telling the story.

Luke, JoCo plays Vienna? Cool! I remember about 10-12 years ago, Billy Joel came to Philly. The day before the show he went to talk to a group of music students at The Academy of the Arts. They had taken a vote and requested that he play "Vienna" at the concert. This gave Billy Joel one day to dig out his notes and learn and rehearse the song for the show. I guess us Philadelphians are just that way sometimes. ;-)


Dean says

Yes, it was a most rockalicous show Saturday at the Ram's Head. We really really really enjoyed ourselves! I'm sorry I followed the instructions on the ticket printout and didn't bring a video camera. I should have because I had the best spot to get you guys in good lighting. I can't wait for you to come back to the area again.

I have two questions for Jonathan:

1. Do you ever go back and do VB.... just for fun?
2. What is your personal favorite song (that you wrote/sing)?

Amanda says

The RIAA is horribly evil, and has been so for years. It's hard enough being an artist, but even after you make it big, your recording contract can still give 95 to 100% of CD revenues to the company that signed you. If not for YouTube, I would not know about some great artists. I'm glad someone is sticking up for them.

Enjoy your tour!

-A Pademonium staffer

Luke M says

Javier, see here.

weasel says

Saw you at Annapolis for the first time and it was a blast! My friend had raved about you for over a year and I definintely agree with him. You and Paul and Storm do make a great group...Will catch you again next time you come around...