By JoCo March 21, 2007

Just take a look at this Google Maps/Twitter mashup, and then tell me we are not incredibly lucky to be alive at a time when things like this actually exist.


Glenn says

Oh, that's terrifying. Neat, but terrifying.

jewlie says

holy cow.

Luke M says

Sort of a triumph of execution over content, though

Plaid Phantom says

You know what would be awesome? A chat room based on this very concept.

BobCat says

It's official - the Internet has jumped the shark.


Bern Glanston says

What if you don't have any friends?

minimo says

Go ahead, call me an old fogey, I don't get it.

"I'm wadding the paper now--
I'm wiping--
I'm flushing--"
I think we have finally reached the tech zenith of Too Much Information.

John A. says

Pre-emptive strike here... Please don't tell BobCat that "jumped the shark" has jumped the shark because telling people that jumped the shark has jumped the shark has itself jumped the shark.

But on Twittervision/Map.... It's actually not too bad a screen-saver if you don't mind giving it some bandwidth.

mykoleary says

What's your twitter ID JoCo??

Chris says

Yeah JoCo, what's your account? You can't post a Twitter link and then not reveal your username!

Paul says

I agree with "minimo"! Besides, give this thing a couple of weeks and it will be hijacked by advertisers and marketers, just like MySpace.