The Java Report

By JoCo March 13, 2007

Another really fun show at Jammin Java this Sunday, even though I was a bit blotto on DayQuil (or maybe because of it). Someone brought a bunch of stuffed animals, mostly monkeys, and put up a sign suggesting that audience members pin money to a monkey and throw it onstage during Code Monkey. I found it surprising to say the least. And profitable. Kind of like a live version of gimme some candy. Whoever that mysterious benefactor was, I thank you. Now: what do I do with all these monkeys?
Still, nothing I or Paul and Storm did that night could possibly match this performance.


Jess says

The obvious thing when you have too many monkeys is to make a half pony, half monkey monster.

Liz says

Start a "give a monkey to a needy child" charity.

I thought the money-pinning was a little weird, myself.

EthanZ says

Surely there's a project you've been meaning to work on that might require you to use too many monkeys....

We're still ironing out the details for the upcoming Iron Horse show in Northhampton, MA - there's a debate in our community about throwing live monkeys, or throwing iron monkeys. (Brass monkeys were also proposed and rapidly rejected...)

heath says

The mysterious monkey benefactor has actually posted about the evening in your forums. It was a good read.

Liz says

I suggest adding bananas and robots to Things Thrown in Northhampton. ;) Just make sure the bananas aren't too ripe.

Aaron says

I think my monkey hit the back of someone's head in the fifth row. I was way in the back had to throw it hard, but I was afraid of pegging you in the face with it and let up at the last moment.

Oh, and I'm sorry I laughed so loud when you stumbled on Mr. Fancy Pants. I assure you, I was laughing at you, not with you ;)

Hey, if I didn't love ya, I wouldn't have bought your whole collection online, paid for a live show, and thrown a money-laden monkey at ya. You always hurt those you love.

matthewvb says

It was a great show! Hope to see you back at the Java again!

Sarah says

Most police and fire departments will accept new stuffed animals, to have available as gifties for children who have just experienced a trauma.

Normally I'm not Little Miss Altruistic, but that's what was going through my head when the monkey-throwing occurred: "I hope he knows he can give those to the police."

Rich says

What to do with the monkeys? Sign them and sell them!

Poor_impulse_control says

Once I realized that the guy in the linked video was doing that with his hands, I lost interest

Bry says

Poor_impulse_control: Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to me.

Mark B says

I thought the DayQuil added to the set-- your comment about how the bright orange color just makes you happy to put it in your mouth is one I have privately thought many times. ;-)

Missed not hearing "I Crush Everything" live, but I suppose that just means I'll have to come catch another show, eh?

Bill says

Just be careful if you sing "First of May" in an open air venue. Ya never know what might be planned. Would certainly put the monkey throwing in perspective.

C4bl3Fl4m3 says

I'm with Rich's idea on the monkeys. I'd buy a signed JoCo monkey.

Oh, and the person who's idea it was gave me a lift to the concert and back. Much kudos to her. :-)

What I'm curious is how much money you made that way. I mean, I couldn't afford to pin much on mine, but I saw some people pinning 20s on theirs. I'm just curious if it was a profitable venture.

JoCo says

I think I ended up making 60-80, which was certainly a nice bonus. But I felt a little bad - you folks had already purchased tickets and drinks and dinner and sometimes CDs and Tshirts too...