ByJoCo March 9, 2007

I spent some time with Ze Frank yesterday covering some of his songs for yesterday’s episode of The Show. I’ve talked about this before, but it bears repeating: for the last almost year Ze has released a new video thingie every weekday and spawned a billion internet memes in the process. The Show is ending this month, and I think I can safely predict he will feel both relief and sadness when it’s over. He’s a smart and funny fellow and I salute him.


Spiff says

Wow. That was an amazing display of understated comedy and creativity. I've never seen Ze Frank before this.

Ben says

I've been watching Ze on and off for the past year, a friend of mine is a huge fan of The Show.

But I have to log a formal complaint. You and Ze owe me for 2 minutes of physical labor and 20 seconds of stinging pain, because when I heard you sing "momma tried to put a spoon of mushy peas in your ass" I spit pepsi all over my monitor and keyboard and a good bit went up my nose.

That was my effort in support of your comedy gold.

Bastiaan says

You were great. I love The Show and this episode was one of my favourites.

Are you in the League of Awesomeness?

Iananan says

I am having a lot of trouble deciding if one is more awesome than the other.

I think probably not.

Andrine says

I am humbled in the presence of your ongoing excellence.

Len says

It's so great to hear you singing some new stuff, JoCo, even if they are still covers. Very cool!

PamplePork says

I can not see enough of this. I recognized you from your show in Raleigh, NC, and was astounded by your presence on The Show. Truly, independent entertainers can so easily collaborate without corporate masters and micromanaging every appearance. You've a lovely voice.
dancing properly,

Tyler-Bot says

Well done, you have a great voice and I couldn't help but sing along with you in hopes that some of it would rub off on me. I do wonder why Ze seemed so... morose.

Randal C. says

Songs appear to be available at

In one zip file.

Heath says

That has to be one of my favourite episodes of The Show ever. Unlike most of the people who have commented so far, I'm a Ze fan just discovering you, not a you fan just discovering Ze. I'm glad you got together.

Emma says

As a fan of both you and The Show, this really made my day. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if you'd also done "Anti-intellectualism." But "How Do You Work This Thing" was wonderfully poignant. Hope this brings you some new fans!

Greg says

You and ze put on a fantastic performance, both funny and musical.

Did you leave a "Cleos' theme " on the cutting room floor?......... on second thoughts, I have only just got that songs tune out of my head, better not hear it again.

tsand says

I'm a huge fan of the show - thanks for the tunes.

Snyder says

I had heard a number of your songs almost a year ago and put them on my iPod. "First of May" still pops in my head randomly. I'm a huge fan of Ze and The Show, but when I saw the episode I didn't know it was you. I was impressed by whomever it was, so I checked out Ze's blog and there was your name! Quite a surprise! Especially, because I never imagined you how you look. I pictured you as a blond and clean shavin. :) Anyways, I am an even bigger fan of yours now! Cheers!

ShadeJinx says

That was a little piece of heaven for me. I've watched the show religiously since last April. It's my favorite little piece of the web and I will be very sad to see it go. Thanks for helping him off JoCo. There isn't a better tribute.

There are 2 songs I wished you would have done though. Duckies In The Pond (Cora’s song) and Anti-Intellectualism.

kathy says

I lurv you and Ze equally so it was a joyful surprise to see you on the Show. Thanks so much for doing that--it was excellent.

Sean says

That was a really great session with Ze. Made my day. I gave you a dollar but I couldn't leave a note... so here's my note. Keep up the good work and the CC preaching. I'll peruse your site when I've got time.

Kay says

Another Ze fan finding you through him. Beautiful & elegant stuff! I'm also a musician (classical). I've always appreciated Ze's musicality & comic timing, and I think you were a perfect match for him.

Matthew Henry says

Awesome Randal, thanks for posting that zip. I wanted a copy of "Fun Fun Winter". Tasty stuff.

Now I just need a copy of the popsci podcast theme...

Madame Leiderhosen says

That was utterly amazing. You were perfect. Thank you for the best laugh I've had in two weeks and it just kept gooooooing. Love you.

Sarah says

You were great on the Show; wonderful voice. I'll bring a bunch of people down to your show at the end of the month.

Joan says

I loved your cover of Ze's songs yesterday. It was a fitting retrospective of the awesomeness that has been The Show and you and Ze were hilarious together.

Thing a Week is my new favorite podcast (I've sent along some candy to aid in your pursuit of SkyMall-level affluence). I wish I could make it to your show at The Cutting Room... you should play in Boston sometime!

Alice says

nice echoes of Paul Simon and Chevy Chase ;)

loved it!

Mr. Matt says

Amazing. See you at the Baltimore show.

Kodamakitty says

Hi JC!

"How do you work this thing?" totally reminded me of Blue Man Group - loved it! (That's really high praise in my book, btw).

Working on coming to the Chicago show in May - hope tickets go on sale soon!
^_^ Liza

Desmond says

I'm a big fan of ze's... thought your covers were fantastic. :D

sean says

Great job, loved seeing you both there. must have been fun.

Nathan says

I'm another Ze fan come to get me some more of that delicious guitar. I have been humming Fun Fun Winter for two days straight.

From England's Midlands, I bid you success with your endeavours.

Onwards the information revolution!

Scarybug says

I'm way behind in watching The Show. I really need to go back through the archives.

The covers were hilarious and poignant, which is the MO of both you guys.

I was sad that you didn't get around to "Anti-Intellectualism" and especially "Do You Remember (That September)?

Randal C. says

Matthew Henry--

Thanks, but all I did was post a link. Somebody else did the heavy lifting of separating and uploading the files.

Justin says

I never know what to expect with Ze, so when he did the lead-in and the break to both of you, I almost fell on the floor laughing before I heard a single word.

I can't think of any musician that would have made that more perfect than you did.

Thank you.

Daisy says

Well FINALLY! I've checked out so many other artists you and your fans have recommended (TMBG, Tim Minchin, Paul & Storm, etc.) and have been terribly disappointed in them ALL. But I do believe that Ze Frank may just be the one to allow me to give my JoCo obsession a rest (not retire it, just rest it a bit). I look forward to experiencing all the back episodes of The Show.

TeraLink says

Keep it up (You too Ze); excellent vocals & exciting cover.

TeraLink Was Here!

Jess says

Not completely cracking up every two minutes while recording that might be the most impressive thing I've seen you do.

Norm Wilner says

Speaking of memes, and because I love both your blog and your music, I hope you don't mind if I tag you for that thing where you post five previously unknown facts about yourself.

Possibly one of them could be an explanation as to how "When You Go" brings me to the edge of tears every time I hear it.

Thanks in advence.

toekneesan says

...just, thanks.

Gle3nn says

I'm curious how much of an increase in hits Ze got with the JoCo fan crossover.

Andrine says

Jonathan, Ze, and all fabuloso sports racers - I have spent the past week watching every episode of The Show, much to my exhaustion, and while this is an accomplishment in and of itself, I feel the joy and sorrow of both having missed something wonderful while it was happening in real time, and having been able to squeak in under the wire to join in for the big celebratory ending, like when I was 12 missing all my cues as an extra as a No-Necked-Monster in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", but waking up backstage on the set of "Matchmaker" and running out on stage for the final curtain call. I feel embarrassed and high from the applause and ashamed that I don't really deserve it. But I do deserve it, and so do all of you, because we have been creating. I, picking up inspiration from JoCo's Thing A Week momentum, 17 days ago launched my Poem A Day project (I know: how lame does that sound?), even before I knew that The Show existed. It's the 100th Monkey Syndrome and I am #101.

Additionally I'm awed by the power of this media-community that we are creating even as we speak. Suddenly people are figuring out that we can use these tools for good, to encourage and enliven each other, not simply whine and discredit and exploit (though that's fun too). Like Mr. Rogers' mission to explore the new realm of television by reaching out to the malleable audience of preschoolers and encourage them to know that they are good just like they are, to communicate with each other and do awesome things, JoCo's TAW and Ze's The Show are filling this niche on the internets. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Thanks.


M_Pony says

I finally got to see this and it is full of awesomeness! Rah! Much love.

(and I'm with Mr Norm Wilner re: "When You Go", as has been previously established)

Wardo says

Mr. Coulton,

Okay, it's nearly three weeks later and I still can't get them songs out-me-melon, (not that I'd especially want to -yer stuff rocks!) I suppose the best to do at this point is to just learn how to play the dern things myself. Would you be so kind as to inform me of the chords you used in those immortal 10 minutes with Ze? Thank you so much. Love ya!

Your new fan,


Carly Monardo says

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your spot on Ze's show! You were terrific!!