Some Interviews

By JoCo March 8, 2007

In case you aren’t tired of hearing me talk about myself:

Grumble Magazine

Sequential Tart

Thanks to Jeff and Lee for enabling me.


Luke M says

The personified iPod! Why the hell not?

Drew says

So many of your responses are fairly glib. When I read "If Kurzweil's wrong then none of us has very much time here, and in that case, failing to realize your potential is maybe the worst thing you can do," I just nodded my head in agreement with an earnest expression on my face. While I haven't screwed up enough courage to qui my day job, evenings and weekends are certainly packed trying to figure out just what my potential is.

Keep up the good work, and congratulations.

Jess says

I like GM's questions (and your answers) about serious songs. Mad props to serious songs.

Letter-writing campaign re: personified iPod starts now. It has to happen. We will all drop bricks off buildings to celebrate.