Now It Gets Crazy

By JoCo March 6, 2007

Many thanks to Kerrin, who has been slowly but steadily adding improvements to what used to be the lyrics pages. Now in addition to lyrics, guitar tabs and videos, you can see images (including the VTAW if it’s a Thing a Week song). And the real deliciousness: you can submit links to new content if you make or come across something related to a song. This will save us all a lot of work, or actually just me – you guys do all the finding and linking and I just sit back and approve it.
It’s just gone live, so we don’t know if it works exactly the way we want. We’re just going to try it out and see what happens – if anyone comes across something that doesn’t work right just let me know. Thanks Kerrin!


juanita says

I think it would be really nice if the TAW songs all had links back to their comments pages. There's a lot of interesting info buried there in the conversations.

Darth Paradox says

Awesome. I tried submitting a digital version of the art I gave you at one of your Seattle shows, and it seemed to work fine on my end...

Kerrin says

And JoCo has authorised it it already..
Look on the image tab

Len says

Kerrin, you da man!

Stevie says

It'd be nifty if the video tab was somehow split into two sections, to separate the videos of you performing live and all the other, fan-made ones. For the ones that there are videos of you performing, anyway.

Anyway... the JoCo website just got considerably more awesome. :-D

Luke M says

Schweet. Many content links spring to mind. There's a lot of JoCo in the Intertubes.

Luke M says

Looks as though there's a junk link for Gambler's Prayer with the following typo:

"Gambler/'s Prayer"

The un-typo'ed link exists as well and is working, but the info page is using the bad link.

Luke M says

The glitch above seems to be a system bug, because single and double quotes in comments about links come through with forward slashes attached to them as well.

Very cool nonetheless :)

Luke M says

Big Bad World One is missing its tabs

Kerrin says

Oh dear..people are finding bugs in my code. :( Well one.
Big Bad World One was pointing at the old page...fixed.

Luke M says

Kerrin, I just looked in my dictionary under "awesome" and found your picture, so please don't feel :( about it. Windows 2000 crashed at Comdex for Woz's sake. This new functionality is super cool and I'm having fun linking to all the JoCo content I know of. All people need to know is that for song titles with apostrophes in them, just fix the url in the address bar before submitting, and avoid single and double quotes in comments. This is a great tool for fans to help make the Web site ever more fantastic and you should be proud of it. So turn than :( upside down :)

Luke M says

Hey, the quotes thing in comments seems to be fixed! Kerrin, you rock.