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By JoCo March 6, 2007

Whoops, March kind of snuck up on me there. Big show this Sunday at Jammin Java, then a bunch of stuff here and there. Get ready America:

Sunday March 11
7PM at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA with Paul and Storm

Friday March 23
7:30PM at MilkBoy Coffee in Ardmore, PA with Paul and Storm

Saturday March 24
1PM at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis, MD with Paul and Storm

Thursday March 29
7PM at 8×10 in Baltimore, MD with Paul and Storm

Friday March 30
7:30pm at The Cutting Room in NYC with Paul and Storm (All Ages)

Wenesday May 2
7PM at Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA with Paul and Storm (All Ages)

Thursday May 3
9PM at Johnny D’s in Somerville, MA with Paul and Storm

Saturday May 5
8PM at Webb Auditorium (RIT Campus) in Rochester, NY with Paul and Storm and Surround Sound (All Ages)

Thursday May 17
7:30PM at Memories Wedding and Banquet Hall in Plover, WI with Paul and Storm. This is a benefit for the Boys and Girls clubs of Plover, WI (read: expensive tickets).

Friday May 18
7PM at Schubas in Chicago, IL with Paul and Storm

Saturday May 19
9:30PM at Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, OH with Paul and Storm

As always, use the links above to find venue information, ticket prices, etc. All times and prices and everything else subject to change, this is rock and roll people! Spread the word, and see you soon…


hugh says

Aak! I just released a new Coulton Alert with the shows as of last night. You ruined everything (in the nicest way).

Hugh Brackett
Director, Coulton Observation Center

Don't get caught with your pants down! (Leave that to Jonathan and his "signature move"). Subscribe to the Coulton Alert System podcast feed at

Darias says

*gasp* Dayton? I think I can make Dayton from COL!

Mikus says

Dayton!!! That's going to be a great show; it's a nice small venue. I can't wait!

Jen says

Hey, crazy kids who go to RIT - do you have to be a student to go to the show there? If not, how can I get tickets? I need tickets.

Eric Ginsberg says

And what of April? Any designs on April? Call me!


Mike says

Wow...Dayton again! May will not be here soon enough. You had a great crowd last time, I guarantee that this time will be even better.

Shruti says

Illinois and Ohio but not Indiana? Come now, that won't do.

James says

No Pittsburgh shows yet huh I suppose I could hit the Dayton one, but thats a good drive.

Dave-a-roo says

I'm going to go ahead and squee here, if you guys don't mind. I missed you at Schuba's in Chicago last time, and I'm very happy you're coming back.

Odineye says

Serious thanks for the list in advance.

I can make Chicago shows (from Rockford, IL), but need some advance time to plan things.


Rick says

Say it with me, Nash-ville. Come on JC it's music city!

Richard Crawford says

I keep waiting for a Sacramento show. I owe you a beer at the Fox and Goose!

Dr. Jonnie says

JC, make sure to enjoy a fine Point lager beer when you're at that Plover, WI show. That's not far from my old stomping grounds, eh? Ya der. When the hell are you going to come to Iowa City?

Sean says

JC: What are the chances of Demanding that you come to Madison as a pit stop to the glitz and neon of Plover?

Midwifemonkeyjen says

Plover, WI, eh......

According to Mapquest, that's 2.5 hrs from me and aparently in BFE..... but alas, I do think that I'm going to have to do my best to make it, $45 tickets and all. Those stupid boys and girls and their... their... CLUB. They'd better appreciate it.

*storms off in a fake huff*

Katie FL says

Why must you only come to New England during my finals weeks? WHY??

Colleenky says

C'mon, Katie. Time to cowboy up. Study early, go see JoCo, then caffeinate as needed. ;-)

M_Pony says

Rochester, eh? I think I can make that one ;)

Leigh says

SCORE! Northampton! Iron Horse is even within walking distance, so this is mega uber awesome. And then, Rochester 2 days later, so maybe my mom will even be able to go. This has just made my entire life.

Luke M says

Can we for the love of Buddha and all that is good and decent get recordings of some of these shows? Code Monkey want soundboards!

Melanie B says

Ohhh I hope you come back to NC soon - can't wait to catch another great show!

OtherHeather says

Darias, I think the fact that you Ohio peeps refer to it as COL is freaky weird. Just like the PHX people. I mean are the city names really THAT hard?

In my role as JoCo's official stalker, I am considering trying for the Iron Horse show, which is near my parents' house. I spent many a formative year there, being mistaken for an exceptionally hot lesbian.

heather says

WOOHOO! Annapolis showing! And it's an all-ages matinee! I just bought 7 tickets this morning. I know a couple of kids (children of a friend) who are going to be awfully happy to get to go see the guy who sings Code Monkey. Please please please sing it that afternoon--you'll make their day! (And truth be told the rest of us adults going would love to hear it to!)

Katie FL says

Colleenky, I totally would if the Northhampton showing wasn't a 3 hour drive from where I live (that's the closest he's coming to me). I'm just gonna have to catch him next time :(

Lindsay says

oh man... you're playing in the city in which i live... and then 2 days later at my alma mater!

so tempted to go for both shows ;) there are some RIT kids i could visit that weekend... hmm. even if i dont make the rochester show, i'll be telling all my friends who are still up there to go see you :)

Tony says

Well if you're not gonna come to Louisville, maybe I'll have to hop up to Dayton.