Baby Got Back vs. Gilbert and Sullivan

By JoCo March 6, 2007

Nice work, mysterious adversary…


Darth Paradox says

It's a cute concept, but I didn't think the singer was terribly good, and I felt like in a good patter style some of those lines should have been sung about twice as fast.

Kerrin says

I enjoyed it. But I think that joke will get old pretty soon if many more people copy the idea.

Darias says

Little Richard sings Baby Got Back
Lionel Ritchie sings Baby Got Back
Anna Nicole Smith's "lost recording" of Baby Got Back

Okay, that last one would scare the hell out of me.

Paul says

Hilarious, I enjoyed it. Out of curiosity I looked up this tune in Wikipedia, quite a list of covers but the "G&S" parody hasn't been added yet.

Average Jon says

Paul, Hurry up and create that page on wikipedia before Time Magazine takes away your person of the year award.

Masha says

I agree with Darth Paradox - the song really ought to be taken at breakneck speed (in the style of "I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major General" and the nightmare patter song from "Iolanthe"). Ann Russell it's not, but the end is pretty standard G&S, though.

. . .great, now I'm going to be singing the nightmare patter song all night. . .

Michael Walsh says

Alannis Morrisette honors JC's original idea and does a poignant cover for a rap classic on the distaff side.