Monkey Powers Activate

By JoCo March 5, 2007

Thanks to Hugh and Muncher, most Coulton tracks are now available at and the Podsafe Music Network. Thank you so much guys.


Darias says

Ack! Social music FTL! brough up REM singing Moon River! This was followed by Dar Williams, mildly rebounded by a Harvey Danger suggestion, and then reprieved by Ben Folds Five.

Pandora at least brought up Tenacious D, They Might Be Giants, and then this guy Alan Clapp who sounds remarkably like some of the more obscure TaW stuff.

As for Podsafe...ya for being able to target a specific song! :)

Shruti says

Unrelated to this post: I'm totally using the lyrics of "Furry Old Lobster" as an example of an elegy for this poetry project I have to do for my English class. And it's definitely a great example of allusion. I, mean, really. What better work to which to allude than a compendium of world knowledge?

...That is all.

Kodamakitty says

What happens when "monkey powers activate"? Does one have the power to transform into anything involving a banana and the other can hurl itself like poo? (oh, the imagery - "Form of....a frozen chocolate covered banana! Shape of...diaper doo doo! WHACK!! SPLAT!!!!")

And what happens to Gleek? Who is Gleek in this scenario?

Welcome back, JC. If you can't tell, we missed you.

^_^ Liza

PS - I found a glorious rant about the Superfriends from 11 years ago (yikes) on

juanita says

Maybe you get the power to make managers write their own goddamn login pages?

hugh says

This is how it works:

Jonathan puts on the Golden Cap that allows him to command the Winged Monkeys. Then he stands upon his left foot and says slowly:

"Ep-pe, pep-pe, kak-ke!"

Next he stands upon his right foot and says::

"Hil-lo, hol-lo, hel-lo!"

After this he stands upon both feet and cries in a loud voice:

"Ziz-zy, zuz-zy, zik!"

Then the monkeys come and say they're sorry that they're monkeys but they've got to be monkeys and there’s nothing they can do. Then a million miles away, a butterfly flaps its wings and the lead monkey makes the following speech:

Enjoy yourself, do the things that matter
Cause there isn’t time and space to do it all
Love the things you try, drink a cocktail wear a tie
Show a little grace if you should fall (1)

After that, Jonathan gives his orders to the monkeys and they fly off to do his bidding.

(1) This speech appears to be an admonition to the wearer of the cap to use the powers of the monkeys wisely, for "things that matter".

glych says

I'm still waiting for some Joco soft rockin' on

Le sigh...


Kevin says

Shape of a desk chair! Form of a sweater!

schweet! We need more JC in our lives.
The best part about it is that my teenage daughter teaches her friends the lyrics to Chiron Beta Prime on the bus, and she asks to hear JC songs when we drive.
She could ask for Hansen or N'Sync (or whatever pop crap the kids listen to these days), but instead she wants to hear quality geek rock.
Brings a tear to the idea of this code monkey....