1010 WINS and so do I

By JoCo March 5, 2007

Just heard a little interview with me in the 1010 WINS news loop this morning. Even though they called me Jonathan Coulter, I feel this is an enormous victory.


Glenn Peters says

What sort of interview? As long as you're not turning into a right-wing ideologue, I'll be happy. For some value of happy.

Dave says

WINS - You give us 22 minutes, we'll confuse you with a hatemongerererer.

JoCo says

No no, it's just my standard talk about racial purity and hating immigrants.

Colleenky says

Just so long as no one inadvertently associates you with Ann Coulter. [shiver]

Andrine says

Did you play "Over There"? They love that shit.

Idealistic Pragmatist says

Come on, JC, admit it--she's your sister, isn't she?

Daisy says

What an obnoxious, assaultive, UGLY fucking website they have!

Aspera says

Hey, if former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders can screw up and babble on about how much she loved "Eric Clapner"... You are in amazingly good company. }}:D

ambush says

I heard someone call you Jonathan Coulter on "that's what she said - the office" someone must be spreading the word that that's your name.

Dan Coulter says

Any time you want to join the clan, I'm pretty sure I have the authority to make you an honorary Coulter. If not, well, we can still kill the doves and do the awesome ceremony.

JoCo says

I won't be satisfied with any level of success or fame until people start calling her Ann Coulton by mistake.

Dave Coulter says

Yeah, I'll second the invitation. It'd almost make up for having to share a last name with that shrieking harpy in the first place.

Bob says

JC said:
> I won’t be satisfied with any level of success or fame until
> people start calling her Ann Coulton by mistake.

Funny you should mention that. After I heard about her latest bleating, I wanted to read about it online, so I went to google her and I was very confused by the results until I realized that I had actually googled "Ann Coulton".

Colleenky says

Oh, but JC, people already are!


Search for "Coulton" on the page and many of the commenters refer to "Ann Coulton." It's a start. [shrug]

You had to know that one of us was going to Google for this...

Colleenky says

OK - on closer examination, one person called her "Ann Coulton" and others just quoted her. But still...!