Another Successful Corruption

By JoCo March 1, 2007

Peter sends me this video of Willa singing Re: Your Brains. I ask you, could it be any cuter?


Mikus says

This is easily top 5 cutest things I've ever seen--little zombie in training.

Glenn says

Entirely too cute. I note that she's progressed to the pink phase of Goth, as well.

Kristen says

Awwwww! And, as the resident ukulelevangelist, I must point out her adorable pink Mahalo ukulele. She needs to get in touch with John Rockwell.

Shannon says

Like somebody had said before "Jonathan Coulton fandom knows no age". Entirely too cute :-)

Emma says

When we were teaching my older son "what does a _______ say?" (lion says roar, sheep says baa, etc.) we also taught him that a pirate says "arr" and a zombie says "braiiiiiins." We' tried to teach him that a hipster says "their last album sucked" but that was a bit too much, now we're working on "sellout."

Kristen says

Unrelated to the original topic, but Emma, that's awesome. For a while I had my nephew trained to say that the walrus says "goo goo ga joob" and the Black Sabbath says "I am Ironman." It was pretty sweet.

Mark says

There's something very freaky about a young child singing that song. Kids tend to take things literally, but so do many adults. Hopefully, you haven't gotten any 1st of May videos. Ugghh.

KathrynT says

Emma, don't forget that Lady Macbeth says "out out!"

unmodisch says

Also, Jonathan Coulton says "Oh, gee, thanks. It's a half-monkey, half-pony monster. Where'd you ever get the idea to make one of those for me?"

Erin says

That is way over the RDA of cute!

My brother-in-law spent a lot of time trying to teach my son that there was a color called 'dirty'. Red, Blue, Yellow, Dirty.

Now he has a kid. What do you think my pedagogical impulse is, at this point? :-)

minimo says

JC, you better start writing the songs for your Sesame Street cycle.

juanita says

Erin, gee, I wonder. You could also pass on to your brother-in-law's offspring a color which I first encountered in some guidelines which demanded that participants show up "wearing white, not clothing that used to be white, but over time has come to achieve a dignified shade of dinge."

Ed says

It would be cuter if she was singing it to a puppy, surrounded by bunnies and kittens and baby chicks. Until the kittens started eating the chicks and the bunnies, that is. But that could be edited out.

But this one's cute too.

M_Pony says

ultra-wow.. the cutest thing ever. Why do I not have kids? I would -so- get them to sing things cutely.

I concur on the "Sesame Street cycle" observation. If George Carlin can host Shining Time Station (along with Ringo Starr) and be the one of the most foul-mouthed entertainers in existence, then you, JoCo, can be -both- the creator of songs with the occasional naughty word and the Mr Fancy Pants of the kid's entertainment genre.

Or you could go on that silly America's Got Talent show this summer. Just don't let them dazzle your razzle. We love your razzle, we really do.

Peter says

Hey, folks... Willa's dad here. I've moved the video to a different account on YouTube... you can now find it here: