Popsci Podcast – Nearly the Best

By JoCo February 27, 2007

The waiting is over. The Magazine Publishers of America announced the winners of this year’s digital awards (I know – who did what to the what now?) and guess which Contributing Troubadour took second place in the Best Magazine Podcast category? I don’t know what’s up with this National Geographic “walking around” podcast that took first place, but I’m totally going to trip that guy with my walking stick if I see him.

This week I did an interview with one of Will Wright’s game designers, the guy who built the creature editors. You know, if you want to hear how awesome second place can sound…


Ji Hea says

Wow, congratulations! It's no small feat to stand out from the crowd consistently; especially with the increasing user-accessibility when it comes to generating and publishing content. I'm afraid I can't check out the actual interview right now because my laptop speakers are dead but I look forward to listening to more of your work.

Spiff says

Second place sounds awesome. Congratulations!

Colleenky says

Congratulations, Code Monkey! Someday, the world will appreciate your awesomeness as much as your geeky fanbase does. :-)

On a different subject, as your tour schedule relaxes, I'm selfishly hoping that you get a little time to write new songs. As much as I enjoy the quirky lyrics, the musician in me loves your arrangements even more.

Luke M says

Congrats! It's a moral victory -- people only listen to National Geographic for the tits.

Jo says

Just found your blog/wsite. Intriguing.
I can't believe you're from Colchester, CT. I moved to Colchester when I was 9. I haven't lived in CT since graduating high school. No one I talk to has heard of Colchester, CT, let alone been from there. Anyway, just struck me as interesting.

Bob says

Second place? In the electoral college maybe, but I'm sure you won the popular vote.

Luke M says

Totally off-topic: Any chance of "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" being added to the live performance rotation? I just heard it in Little Gray Book no. 29 and it sounded good.

Chris Radcliff says

Hey, since when did the PopSci Podcast get blog entries with comments? I'm glad to see it; I'm a fervent listener ("fan" sounds so drooly) and I had previously lamented the lack of a feedback mechanism. You should play it up more:


Anyway, congratulations and keep up the good work... on the moon!

Kodamakitty says

Congrats! Can't wait to hear how the comedy festival gigs went.

I see on Paul and Storm's website that you all are coming to Chicago in May. Sounds like a good road trip. I'd drive from Detroit to Chicago to come and see a liver version of the Skullcrusher Pirate Hotdish. Heck, I might even drive from Detroit to Plover, but thankfully, that won't be necessary.

^_^ Liza

Kodamakitty says

Uh, "liver"? I meant "LIVE" oops. Though I suppose it would be more live than a podcast. *sigh*

Glenn says

I am so totally going to discover this site one of these days.