A Kinder Gentler Mix-a-Lot

By JoCo February 27, 2007

Randy sends me this simply beautiful video for Baby Got Back – it’s Mix-a-Lot’s original MTV video speed-treated and time-warped so that he appears to be singing my version (must have taken forever). Even with the giant butt set piece, when you slow things down all the rump shaking takes on this really graceful quality that makes me cry.


Glenn Peters says

I never noticed "cosmopygian" before. That's hilarious.

Darias says

A masterful reinterpretation mixed with a masterful retiming of the video.

I laughed, I cried, I wanna get me a piece of dat bubble.

Luke M says

I'm crying right now. In a manly way.

Spiff says

That video really helps, because the song is so subtle, you know? It wasn't until I saw the giant white block letters spelling out "HUMP" and "NASTY" and the banana coming erect that I could really tell what the song was even about. Now I get it! ;)

Edward S. Marshall says

Words fail me. Fantastic job on the video mixing. Pure comic gold, Anthony Ray would be so proud. :)

ViolinistGeek says

Sheer brilliance.

filkertom says

Oh my god. Beyond magnificent. Just... wow.

minimo says

I love this edit, but I also want to weep in general over the inspiration that JC is providing to so many people, not just with his music, but his world views.

The downside is that many websites having anything to do with his name are needing better servers...

Randy Parcel says

Thanks for all the kind words, everybody!
I'm really glad you guys like the video!
I worked on it (off and on) for about 4 months.
I knew there was no way I'd be able to make a music video anywhere close to the quality of Mixalot's masterpiece, so I chopped his up and served on a JC platter!
By the way, my wife plans to finish her Flickr-inspired video for Creepy Doll soon, so be on the lookout for that as well.

Thanks again, and tell your friends!

vixy says

Sweet smoking jesus, that's hilarious. Brilliantly done.

Kerrin says

Awesome idea! I love it!

Dan J says

That was freakin' hilarious!

spi says

What an amazing edit! Love love love.

juanita says

Is this going to get you slashdotted again? That was BRILLIANT.

M_Pony says

Randy, honestly, that is -stunningly- awesome. Holy smurf!

I've often expressed disinterest with machinima videos and anime-over-music videos because the lip sync is never right. Yours is inspiringly right-on-the-munny. Good on ya, bud.

M_Pony says

Oh and incidentally you've been BoingBoinged.


Radek says

Viacom terrorizes joco music vidoes.

When i follow the link i find youtube saying that this video too has been removed because of a copyright claim by Viacom what in the sam heck is going on here.

Andrine says

it's been pulled! aaaahhhh!

Randy Parcel says

Yup, it's true.
After about a week and more than 26,000 views, my video was removed from YouTube per the request of Viacom.
Copyright Infringement trumps Fair Use and Parodies once again.
Thanks for all the high praise (on my first project!); I'm sure you'll be seeing more from me eventually.

Liam says


Any chance you can make it available somewhere else, at least for a short period? Something like rapidshare.de or something, so those of us who missed it can grab a copy?

If not, I understand.

Thanks either way,


Gina says

Yes, I am crying too. because I got here too late and the video is gone. My life will not be complete until I see it. Please, where?

Tom Boutell says

I also enjoy messing with covers - and would post them on my blog were it not for the rights problem. Have you been able to sort out the legalities of making a cover recording available for free? Any advice you can offer there would be vastly appreciated. Thanks!

(Paying royalties on covers on CDs and the like is actually pretty easy, I had no trouble sorting that part out. The difficult bit seems to be letting people hear 'em without charge on a blog or similar.)

Nick says

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom.

Thanks, Viacom.

David DeLaney says


don't tell anyone, but it appears it's still visible at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1394675800346515500 ... purely for research purposes for those who missed it on YouTube, of course.


Mike Thorne says

Saw the same video on http://utube-funny-videos.com but it was removed from that site as well.