You Know What I Need?

By JoCo February 26, 2007

A monkey. A monkey who is willing to upload all of my songs to the podsafe music networks. I consider all my stuff podsafe, but I just haven’t had the time to upload everything in the catalog. I’ve got an account and a few songs up at Podsafe Music Networks, but I know there are others out there. If there’s anybody out there who wants to work for me for free doing this (and who has all the music already) email me and you’ve got the job. Ha! “Job.”

You do not have to be an actual monkey.

Update: got one already. I love the internet. Thanks Muncher!


Greg Williams says

Obviously he should be called PodMonkey.


hugh says

Err. Be sure to tell yer monkey not to upload the covers and mashes.

Gle3nn says

Will this make more songs available at ? That would be great.

JoCo says

Well no, that's the problem. There's like a million of these things - who has time to sit around uploading mp3s all day?

hugh says

No problem. I'll take Register & send me the login info. I'd register for you but no doubt they want some personal info like Boxers or Briefs that I could only determine by careful examination of concert videos.

There are legions of Coulton fans waiting to do your bidding. You have not because you ask not.

Hugh Brackett
Director, Coulton Observation Center

Holger Baehren says

hi there, have you considered uploading (i.e. letting your monkey upload) your songs on
I've only recently discovered this music store and I'm absolutely in love with it. it has the music starting for free and the price increases as more people listen to it. I would be really interested to see how far the mighty and unstoppable Jonathan Coulton would rise. It has also some interesting social network features, if anybody is interested more can be found here:

Holger Baehren says

There should be an aggregator service where you can just select to which music shops and other sites (like myspace) you want your music to appear and it uploads your songs to all these sites...

M_Pony says

For second I thought you needed a strawberry shake. No, wait, Stephen King thought you needed a strawberry shake.

I also agree that the AmieStreet model is awesome. That was the one mentioned on BoingBoing, right?

Which other podsafe aggregate sites are there out there? If we post up a list then we can knock them down one-by-one.