Seattle Vid

By JoCo February 26, 2007

Seattle concert-goer Paul was kind enough to shoot and post this video of me singing and playing at the Tractor Tavern show on Saturday. More songs are available if you look at his YouTube profile. Thanks Paul!


Luke M says

This is very cool, thanks indeed Paul!

I have been trying to save/convert the audio into mp3 so as to have a bitchin' concert boot, the way we California hippiez like to do, but so far without success. If Paul or anyone else could post the videos as a zip or rip the audio with AoA Audio Extractor, that would be awesome. Just bleggin'.

Again, thanks for videotaping. I envision a tapers' section down the road, about the same time traders are selling adorable gray-haired JoCo plush dolls in the parking lot next to the Killer Veggie Burritos guy.

All we want to do is eat your brains, dood...

Luke M says

(That wasn't sarcasm, by the way. I am an actual Deadhead. Please do not beat me with your skateboards.)