Portland Rules

By JoCo February 24, 2007

I’ve always said it, even if I haven’t said it out loud to anyone who could hear me. The place was packed with screamy singy people who came to have a good time and act like zombies – thanks everyone for another extremely fun show.

Seattle tonight: Tractor Tavern at 7 PM. See you there.


Mark says

Great show, although a little scary since a guy sitting in the table behind us had the zombie voice down to a science and it continued well past the song's end. The encore was also quite dramatic. Our table was in the front and on your left. Great seats, considering half the crowd had to stand. Only drawback was from that angle it's difficult to see the guitar chords.

Here's one example of how free music pays off. I downloaded the song "Millionaire Girlfriend" last summer. After it played while my MP3 player was in shuffle mode, I thought to myself "I wonder how the Thing a Week is going. He's probably got an entire album out since I last checked." So I visited the website and saw the Portland show. I contacted friends, who contacted other friends. 11 of us showed up. At least 1 bought the entire set of Coulton music.

Average Jon says

That was a great show. We were soft rocked. We were folk rocked. We were geek rocked. We were even moon rocked.

The best part was that we got to help him get started on a song about his haunted hotel room with a sink that has hot and cold water coming out of faucets on opposite sides of the sink (I think it'll be on Thing a Year volume I).

A tip for other cities who want a lot of encores: If you don't let him have a green room, he'll have no choice but to keep on playing. Eventually he said that the 2 liters of beverages he had during the show were starting to get the better of him, so we let him ... um ... go (Jonathan: I hear NASA has technology to take care of that).

Thanks again!!

Lili says

I'm excited! I hear they don't have chairs, though. :(

Thien says

We filled out the White Eagle Saloon. I don't think they've ever had that many people there for a show -- especially that many geeks.

One of Colin's friends asked me who is JoCo. He told me that they were worried not many people would come because the tickets were pretty high for a show there. I think if it was a $20 cover we would've still packed the house.

lili says

I was wrong! There *are* chairs. (and wifi, too) Yay!

Andrine says

Joy and rapture to bask in your fuzzy glory! Next time I hope we have a larger venue to enjoy. The McMenamins have a lot to choose from besides the White Eagle: Kennedy School has a nice stage and a soaking pool! What say... May 1? Can't wait! XXXOOO -Andrine

GaryJ says

Great Show! Got my "Skullcrusher Mountain" T-shirt! My wife got me tickets to the show for Valentine's day... don't know how she'll top this next year.

Remember ... "Portland Succubus" rhymes with "Spartacus" ... kinda

Dan ad nauseam says

Don't worry too much about the Portland succubus. It's not your brains she wants to eat.

As someone else noted, it also rhynes with "one of us" - if you want Joan Osborne's lawyers to bother you.

Steve says

That was an awesome show. Thanks, Jonathan! I'm hoping Portland Succubus ends up becoming a Coulton song, but you'll have to tell whether a night sleeping in that former brothel was enough to inspire it. (I can just imagine it: a ghostly, invisible hand turns the "hot" and the "cold" water spouts on and off in alternation, with an otherworldly shriek of "OWW!! and "BRRR"...)

Spartacus is waiting... (I'm the one who shouted that, by the way)

Please return to the Pacific Northwest sometime! Even if you never make it to Eugene, extending my commute from Salem to Portland was worth the trip.

Greg Williams says

Great show! My wife, friend's and I had a really great time. We look forward to your next visit!

Average Jon says

More things that rhyme with Succubus:

Guy named Gus

it practically writes itself!

Kellie Myers says

I must say that I have only just been exposed to Jonathan Coulton but the show was dynamic and awesome. I can't wait for the Portland, Succubus song

here is a rhyming ideas

on a volkswagon mini bus

Princess Bob says

other possible rhymes:
make a fuss
spit and cuss
he's now unconcious
number 72 bus (runs along 82nd in portland)
lack of trust
is a must
name brand abicus
thank you, miss
like poultry trussed
left hand seeping puss
gather dust

Peace, love and wacky hijinks,
Princess Bob

Princess Bob says

Demon Lust