Jeez Seattle

By JoCo February 24, 2007

That was some kind of crazy thing. Thank you so much to everyone who came out – I think that was the biggest crowd yet. I am continually surprised and delighted to see all of you out there in the audience, and I am very grateful.

Home to NYC tomorrow, and then next week I’m off again to the Aspen comedy festival.


SandraL says

The show was fantastic! Thanks for coming, and please come back to Seattle SOON-ish. The hubby and I had a great time (first date in 9 months. I think "You Ruined Everything" and "Shop Vac" hit a little too close to home...).

Dylan says

Hey, we were glad to have you! It was an awesome show man. It kind of sucked that they had another act scheduled for after you, I would have been stoked to stay longer. It was an awesome show, your songs were hilarious, and keep up the good work. Have fun on the rest of the tour!


Shannon says

Your show was incredible. Thank you for coming! Please come back to Seattle soon!

Eve says

That was a wonderful show! You were great and we had a blast! Please come back soon, and next time you will get a veritable Pacific Northwest wolf-howl chorus on 'Skullcrusher'!!

Enzo Romeo says

Mr. Coulton, that was a LOT of fun. Thanks for coming to Seattle, my girlfriend and I really enjoyed it. Loved hearing the "Unplugged" set, especially the sensitive-new-age version of code monkey. That song hits too close to home for me, except that I was told by our HR department we're not supposed to give compliments on how women's sweaters look so I don't do that part. Hope you got to experience some of Seattle, maybe check out a Starbucks or two or four. Glad we could supply the rain for you too. Come back again!

~Zombie #57

Paul B. says

Awesome show, JC!!! It was great to finally see one of your shows live - and I was impressed by the crowd there - some very realistic looking zombies. As a favor to everyone here, I filmed the entire thing and am in the process of posting the clips on YouTube. So far I have the first half of the show up and will hopefully get the rest of them up later this week.
That's the link to the first song. Look at my user profile and the rest will be listed in there. Thanks!


Scott Haley says

Thanks to you Paul B! My friends who couldn't come can get some idea of what they missed.

witten says

Awesome set! I found out about the last JoCo Seattle show the day after it happened, so I was really looking forward to this one. I had a ton of fun and, based on the uncontrolled giggling, I think everyone else did too. I'm surprised though that the mob didn't tar and feather JC after he didn't play Ikea.

Qaein says

That was an awesome concert last night, man! Thank you for returning, and at a larger venue! Hope to see you performing here again a few times before PAX :) Maybe next time you could bring more swag? I think you ran out of just about every size shirt but small (for men at least). Whatever you bring, though, I'm sure it will be at least as awesome as this concert was.

Don Glover says

Tons of Fun!
As you might very well be able to tell, Seattle has an incredible ear for music, no matter waht the Idol folk might say.

Great show, time went way to quickly.
In a normal course of events, I would not be overly tempted to go to PAX but, now???? I guess I am just going to have to.

Emma says

kathrynt and finally I managed to get away from our infants and get to one of your shows. They really do ruin everything (in the nicest way), including one's ability to get out to fun stuff!

Based on the angle of the video, I think we must have been right next to Paul. It's like deja vu all over again!

We foolishly wandered away from our spot right near the stage before you came out afterwards, and then when we realized we'd wanted to say thanks, the area was mobbed. So thanks for a lovely evening. We had a great time!

(...and did anyone bring a date for Glenn? I feel partly responsible since I'm the person who first introduced him to your music)

leukothea says

I couldn't make it, so watching all these great YouTube videos was almost like being there... except I couldn't check out the crowd for zombies or half-monkeys, half-ponies. Wonderful; thanks!

KathrynT says

We really did have a lovely time. I was the one who said "Yay!" when you announced "I Crush Everything." I was too pregnant to go to the show last time you were here, so I stayed home and sang "Womb with a View" to my tummy instead.

I'm glad you enjoyed the almost frightening fandom Seattle can bring out. Hopefully the next time you're here, you can play a larger venue and nobody will have to shoo you off stage.

Paul B. says

leukothea - Don't worry, I have a half-monkey half-pony clip that I will post later, showing JC signing a half-monkey half-pony stuffed animal for a fan, then the fan hands JC the pony head. Hilarious! There were some zombies (sorry, didnt get any shots of them) and plenty of Seattle software folks (almost equally frightening) there.

Lili says

Emma, I was next to Paul - except for the woman on my left who had never heard of JC and had wandered in off the street!

Darth Paradox says

Frickin' awesome. Thanks a lot, JoCo. Not much more to say than that, except that I hope you have a well-stocked merch table at PAX... I guess I'm going to have to order my Re: Your Brains shirt online in the meanwhile - they were out of my size by the time I got there. But at least I've got a full set of signed CDs now. Yay!

Jake says

Awesome show! I was on a date with a girl from California, so that worked out well! I yelled my head off anyway, and she came around after Code Monkey, that song is just too awesome. Come back soon!

Pinual says

Man, you going to Aspen....your going to be 2hours drive away and I have to WORK! That sucks

Stephen says

Admittedly, that was the first time I have ever heard any of your music. My friend told me about you and I decided to come on a whim. Let me just say that you are great! Your music was hilarious. I could hardly contain my laughter when you did the one about your girlfriend's cybernetic implants... when her friends kept scanning your eyes. It is still making me laugh. Good stuff, and now I am going to take the pleasure of going through all of your music for the first time!

minimo says

Oh, what, Seattle gets Shop Vac, but SF doesn't get Shop Vac????
We did get Ikea, though, I guess that was the trade off.

Andrine says

Portland got Shop Vac AND Ikea. I'm just saying...


Colleenky says

Yeah, well, who besides LA got Freebird?!? I'm just saying... ;-)

Luke M says

So can we now officially dub this JC's "triumphant" tour of the West Coast?

Pacificans representin'...

Someone tell me there are tapes!

Luke M says

Also, if we're playing Setlist Poker, S.F. got "I Hate California," and there is no better place in the world to play that song than in a Market Street bar. I'm serious about this Warfield thing. Let's make it happen.

Colleenky says

Except LA, Luke. I mean, "I don't blame LA, but I prob'ly should." C'mon! And remember, LA set the bar for creepiness. :-)

Tony Fabris says

JC, I had a fantastic time. Thank you so much for coming, thank you so much for being so awesome and playing such a great set. Thank you so much for arranging a gig at such a great venue.

Everyone else: Thank you so much for making JC feel so welcome and being that important part of the energy feeback loop that makes a great performer achieve his best moments.

It was a magical night, wasn't it?

Average Jon says

I'll second the demand for more swag.

I merched at the Portland show, and had to turn away at least a dozen non-small people who wanted "Re: Your Brains" shirts.

I'm pretty sure the Californians bought them all just to spite us (one more reason to hate California).

Chris says

Well, it's not a video, but I managed to take a few decent shots from the sidelines:

It was a great show and today is just a bit brighter for being able to wear a Code Monkey t-shirt to work.

Emma says

OK, I wasn't *right* next to Paul, but probably fairly close (I was at the far right end of the second row). But that's good, because it means he didn't pick me up singing along very much (though if I listen carefully I can catch a bit of myself during the final chorus of Skullcrusher Mountain. Stupid having to sing up the octave).

Luke M says


Conceded. Many residents of LA would actually be improved by zombification ;)

Glenn says

Emma -- no date for me! I did catch one woman looking at me throughout the show, but she was clearly with a guy. Lili -- you were hundreds of miles away, you temptress!

And yes, Emma did introduce me to JoCo music. Come to think of it, I met Lili at her place too. All hail the Emma!

KathrynT, I also said "yay" when he announced "I Crush Everything". Of course, I was also wearing my "I Crush Everything" t-shirt, so that was probably obvious.

Finally: just because JoCo beatifically doesn't blame LA, note that he probably should.

Colleenky says

Well, the show *was* on the Sunset strip, and if ever the zombies do attack, it would be strategically advantageous for them to start there, since they'd be well-camouflaged! I may be a third-generation Angeleno (a rare breed), but I can still be objective about my very freaky hometown. :-) I'm just glad that JoCo found it in heart to give LA some more live-show love. He's talented AND magnanimous.

Paul says

Yeah that lady had randomly walked into the craziest Tractor concert ever, that was funny.

Chris those pics are awesome! Now I know who was taking the flash pics in the videos :)

The rest of the videos (Re: Your Brains, First of May, You Ruined Everything, Mandelbrot Set, ShopVac, Millionaire Girlfriend, and a post-show video of JC autographing someone's half-monkey half-pony stuffed animal) will be up a little later this week as I am away on business for the next day or two. W00t!

Dave says

Just discovered this review of the show:

Jess Roqs says

Great Show.
I am a little worried about you JC if the Tractor size crowd scared you.
I'm not sure how the 15,000 people at PAX are going to make you feel.
Good luck JC and see you soon.

Chris B says

I'm glad you liked the pictures, Paul, but I assure you I was not using a flash. Speaking as both a performer as well as a photographer, nothing throws me off my groove so much as a flash going off in my face. I understand it but I don't have to like it, so I've learned how to do without.

Paul B. says

Alright zombies, the rest of the show is up on Youtube now. Check it!