Got Dugg

By JoCo February 23, 2007

It’s fun when this happens – all these overlapping waves of word-of-mouth and blog/podcast mentions suddenly coalesce into something really big like a Digg story. It was in the top ten for a while there, so my site really got slammed and the database server went down for a while. Last I checked it was all up again, so hopefully it will stay that way. Thanks Diggers!

P.S. I am now too famous to play my show tonight at 9 PM at the White Eagle Saloon in Portland (that’s 9 PM, and it’s only $12). Please do not come and bring all your friends. And also, can we please get a date for Glenn? He’s got an extra ticket and everything…


Richie says

Congrats on the diggs!

Glenn says

Haha. Thanks -- just got my second turn-down, so that ticket's still up for grabs!

I was wondering what happened to the site. You're still not too famous to be hobbled, you know!

Shade Jinx says

Great show! Welcome to the good part of the West Coast... cause... fuck California!!

arcanotower says

Thanks ever so much for comeing to P-town, hope you got to see something of it other than NE. We 3 enjoyed our selfs thouraly despite the floorular acomidations. (realy the best seats in the house)

You so have to do a song about the Tri-met bus Sucubus near Sparticus he he he.

Hope the rest of your trip is 7 shades of awsom and ya get that xbox 360!

Wikapedia and the 2 girls.

mhenry1384 says

One of the diggers pointed out you can play "Code Monkey" with Freetar Hero (google for it). I'm a big Guitar Hero fan, so I gave Freetar a whirl. Took me a little while to get my guitar controller working properly with Freetar, but once I did it worked great. It's not, honestly, the best song for a Guitar Hero since it's almost entirely strumming. Still fun to "jam" along.

If I'm ever blessed with an abundance of free time it'd be fun to make Freetar versions of a number of Coulton songs. Oo, you could give away Freetar .sng files and guitar tabs to people who purchase your songs.

Lili says

Glenn had an extra ticket? He didn't tell me that! Heh.

Spiff says

WTF? Those Digg posters say, "pay the guy a buck, but if you don't want to, here's how to steal from him". With friends like these...

Glenn says

You didn't ask, Lili! Are you who I think you are?