Radio Killed the Internet Star

ByJoCo February 22, 2007

If you’re like me, you love hearing me on the radio. Jesse Thorn (the whiz kid behind The Sound of Young America) tells me that this Sunday the Hodgman/Coulton episode of TSOYA will air on KXOT in Seattle, 91.7 FM, 2-3 PM. Watch for it with your ears.

And by the way, WNYC’s going to give TSOYA a trial run on their own fine radio station for a few weeks starting March 4. I ask you, how can I dominate the world if Jesse Thorn gets there first? Curse you Jesse Thorn!


JesseThorn says

I believe the correct reponse is: "muhuhuhuhahahaha"

Colleenky says

BTW, KXOT offers live streaming online, so those of us who don't live in Seattle can listen too! :-)

OK, time for me to get off this web site now and do something productive...

Colleenky says

It's Sunday. It's the 2:00 hour. I'm listening to KXOT online and it's not JoCo and JoHo. It's something called "Soundprint." Instead of listening to geeky goodness, I'm listening to interviews with people who work at Coney Island. Grrrr! Argh!

Arvid Hokanson says


TSOYA will air three more Sundays on KXOT. It airs from 12p - 1p PT on KXOT. Stream it at


Arvid Hokanson
Asst. Program Director
KUOW/KXOT Public Radio

BobCat says

I'm listening right now on WNYC-FM. A happy accident, I usually listen to the AM at this time.