LA – Creepiest Audience Yet

By JoCo February 22, 2007

In a good way of course – too many half pony half monkey monsters to count, and a lot of shouted comments about bodily harm from the audience. Also in a good way. That was a really fun show, though I still can’t believe I stayed up past 10 PM. I’m on my way (slowly) to Portland tomorrow night at the White Eagle Saloon, and then Seattle’s Tractor Tavern for Saturday.

Thanks guys. I will continue to rock!


Matt says

Thanks for coming to perform for us! Once again, another stellar show, and your army of fan seems to be growing larger and more devoted with each visit. This may be a dangerous thing.

Julius Marx says

You will continue to SOFT rock!

Thanks for the great show last night. We all wished you could have played longer. (I heard you got to do 2 encores in SF). Thanks for making the journey for us West Coast fans.


Spiff says

Oh, was two encores in S.F. not normal? Gee, we thought he gave everyone that much love. ;)

Glenn says

Bring a date! ...for me, that is. I seem to have a spare ticket and a high creepy quotient.

minimo says

JC, I wish you could give us a quote from the LA show on bodily harm. I am having trouble picturing anything like that being said in a good way.

Kent says

Someone shouted "You don't need knees to play." I forget what prompted this Kathy Batesesque devotion, but it was there. And it was real.

The best part was when someone shouted out during a lull, "Who are you? I just wandered in and don't know who you are..."

Jonathan and the crowd was a little embarrassed for her.

I shouted out he's a ROCK GOD. To which someone else responded, he's a soft rock god.

Good times.

Colleenky says

Definitely a higher energy crowd than the last LA audience at Temple Bar. So much fun! Some of the memorable JC quotes from the evening:

"Did you just threaten to hobble me?" after someone joked about taking out his legs to keep him from leaving.

"Thank you, henchman," in the middle of a line from Skullcrusher Mountain, when someone handed him a beer.

"You actually disturbed me," after strumming a bizarre chord in the middle of Re Your Brains, in reference to our creepily over-enthusiastic zombie chorus. (I know I'm bungling this quote slightly.)

Had lots of fun selling merch by the light of dim table-candles and various electronic devices. I tried very hard, though not successfully, to conceal my inner dorky fan-girl. Thankfully (for me), I think that some of the folks who came to the show with me may have managed to out-dork me. And I won't hold you to that comment about someday fulfilling my dork-girl dreams and letting me sing a duet with you, but I wouldn't say no either. ;-)

Thanks, JC, for adding some awesomeness to the world!

Kristen says

I'm living proof, sometimes those dork-girl dreams come true. . .

Rachel & Jess says

What a fantastic evening! My husband and I had no idea what to expect as far as competition for seating, so we arrived over an hour early. Fascinating place to people watch... It was easy to pick out those of us there to see JC... :) We helped Colleen keep her hair from catching on fire via candlelight while sorting through "merch" before the show (mental note for other Merch volunteers: bring a flashlight, cell phones don't make strong enough light sources). The warmth and familiarity with JC from the audience was contagious, and by the end of our incredibly short hour, it felt as though we sat among long time friends. Thanks very much for making this experience happen (and helping us celebrate our 4th wedding aniversary!). We look forward to your next visit, and in the mean time, more great material.

Something my husband didn't get a chance to ask you last night - do Prof. Mandelbrot or Soterios Johnson know about their tributes? If so, what did they think?

Colleenky says

Oh Kristen, I shouldn't dare to hope. Besides, you have charmed JC with your awesome ukelele powers. That's gotta be, what, like a +3 Ukelele of Enchantment? And how many ranks of Craft: Ukelele do you have now? Plus your stat bonus? [Down, dork-girl, down!] ;-)

And Thanks, Rachel and Jess, for keeping me from going up in flames. Much appreciated. Happy anniversary to you!

Luke M says

OK, Hell Lay, it's ON. We will see who are the most fanatical Coulton fans. I see your "Misery" and raise you "You Know They Got a Hell of a Band." Zombie singalongs every night!

Kristen, you earned it. Code Monkey have good taste.
Is it me or is the "monkey monkey money" octave vox mocking the Code Monkey's decision-making process in your remix?

Please tell me someone has a tape of the S.F. show...

Left Coast hearts us some JC. Feel the love.

Colleenky says

In case anyone's interested, here's the play list from the LA show. It's not entirely in order, so if someone geekier than I cares to remedy that, please be my guest.

Baby Got Back
Skullcrusher Mountain
A Talk With George
Re Your Brains
I'm Your Moon
Code Monkey
Creepy Doll
Freebird (maybe 4 whole bars?)
Mandelbrot Set
I Hate California
I Crush Everything

And now I *really* need to stop posting. :-)

Colleenky says

Except to say that I forgot The Future Soon.

minimo says

SF didn't get Baby Got Back, and some of us are pouty about that.

Cheyenne Wright says

That's it... The wife and I are going to the Tractor Tavern show in Zombie Drag --- Let's field a horde of Zombie Bob's -- I'll bring the Name-Tags. We need to out creepy the LA show

Mouse Writes says

Hey, JC!

I'm going to the White Eagle tonight to catch the show. Will you have CDs?


Hap says

Kent, that was the best response possible. "He's a ROCK GOD! Who are YOU?"

An all around great show, with lots of awkward moments provided by the audience, and excellent music. I think a lot of the songs sound their best with just guitar and voice, and would buy a live CD in a second.