Thanks San Diego

By JoCo February 21, 2007

Thank you to everyone who decided to skip the fabulous Mardi Gras celebration to come see the fabulous Coulton celebration at the House of Blues Ancillary Non-Famous Person Stage. I hear that in the other room Ben Kweller’s whole show seemed it was meant to be some kind of reaction to mine. Whatever. I don’t like to get involved in these feuds, I’m just there to play the rock and roll.

Today I drive to LA to bring my comedy music stylings to Hotel Cafe, hopefully still at 11 PM.


Nathaniel says

Hey JC- Your show rocked. Sorry San DIego is not savvy enough to give you an SF crowd yet, but we had a blast. Thanks so much for making the trip and giving us a real reason to leave the house on Fat Tuesday. Have fun in LA and hope to see you "back east" some time...

jewlie says

whoah, 11pm? i guess a west coast joco show is worth staying up a wee bit past my normal bedtime.

Chris Radcliff says

Who needed Mardi Gras when we had JoCo flashing his... capo?

It was a small crowd, but I hope we made up for it with zombie roars and mathematics shout-outs. Hope to see you here again, next time at a venue that can better appreciate Mr. Fancy Pants.

Toni says

Small but enthusiastic! Thanks for swingin' out our way, man. I blame the smallish crowd on the mess Mardi Gras made of downtown. But who cares, we had a blast!

nlinus says

What a fun show. My friends and I had a great time. San Diego Salutes ya, dude!

minimo says

I hate to scare you, but my friend in LA told me an "11 PM" show means "12".

Heather says

I was at Hotel Cafe two days ago. I'm sad that I missed you!

Colleenky says

No new JoCo post yet today? I think maybe we broke him at the LA show last night. :-)

Gle3nn says

Perhaps he's having difficulty getting to his computer without the use of his legs?

Darias says

I'm just touched that my friend from Tuscon got a chance to speak to JC and he remembered my email that I sent. I mean, it's like Elvis remembering you, except JC isn't quite as popular to the rest of the world (THE FOOLS!), doesn't have as much hair, and I don't think that once he becomes insanely famous, begins an alcoholic/drug induced lifestyle, will he look anywhere near as horrible as Elvis did in a rinstone and sequined jumpsuit.

Now, I just gotta keep working getting him to come to Columbus, OH (preferably before the jumpsuit period).

Colleenky says

Well, my sister did offer him her crutches...

Before anyone panics, JC was not actually hurt at the LA show. Someone in the audience joked about taking out his legs to keep him from leaving. Then, as JC observed, the vibe in the room got kinda weird for a moment. It was a very punchy crowd. Right, Gle3nn?

Gle3nn says

It was a great show, and a fun crowd. I wish I had been allowed to videotape so everyone could have experienced The Soft Rock God (who are you?) in action.

OtherHeather says

The San Deigo show rocked. I think I creeped JC out a bit with my "crazed fan who drove from Tucson" routine, but apparently LA managed to creep him out even more.

I'm gonna have a review of the show up on my blog at some point, and dawdled in getting this posted so it would be up, but it's not yet, and so I'm gonna bite the bullet and post just to say the intimate, not showing their boobs off for beads, non-Mardi Gras vibe in San Deigo was awesome. I wanted a group hug at the end or something.

OtherHeather says

Oh yeah, I apparently don't know my own URL.