Shit, I Forgot My Heart!

By JoCo February 20, 2007

Yes, I did make it to SF, and yes, the show rocked extremely softly. Many thanks to all the people who came out to see me, especially the many who had to stand in the back like a bunch of animals. Next time, more chairs.
And now I am on my way to San Diego, where I will teach House of Blues what blues is all about, because I LOVE the blues.


Gle3nn says

I have the blues cause I won't be able to make it in time to the San Diego show. Fortunately I'll be in LA tomorrow.

JJ says

Thanks for rocking us softly in SF. Great show!

Glenn says

I have the blues because the second ticket I bought for Friday's show may go to waste.

Chris Radcliff says

I can't think of another way to enthuse about tonight's show without looking like a drooling fanboy, so I'll just say "see you tonight!"

minimo says

JC, I think by the time you come to SF again, they''ll need A LOT more chairs.
I've been wondering what lucky city will get you for their First of May celebration?

Kevin says

JC, great concert in SF. We enjoyed you greatly; come back more often! Consider beautiful San Jose next time, too - it'd save a bunch of us the drive. :)

(Lousy venue, though; lots of people behind me (my buddy and I had the 2 farthest-back stools) were decidely unhappy, and I know at least a couple bailed during Mark's first couple songs. Not your fault, but just a bit of a downer.)

Tom says

SF loves you! It was grand meeting you even though I was stammering like a... a... stammering machine. Or something. Standing was rough, but the sound was good. Excellent show!

Sparky says

From a song about a man who wears fancy pants to a song about fetuses in love, JC rocked the house in SF. Though it was (as mentioned above) a very weirdly set-up house - thankfully we were able to get a table near the front.

Hopefully next time he will play a normal sort of place, you know, with lots of seating, a mosh pit, lots of pyrotechnics, and a giant inflatable squid.

AiYume says

Yeah, I was one of the ones who baled. If I'd been on my own, I'd have probably stayed and put up with the crappy venue, but I was on a date, we hadn't eaten, and I couldn't really get a straight answer about food service. We got a refund and headed out to eat.

Thanks to JC, though, for popping out to the merch table before we left and signing TaW 3 and 4 for me. My date said that made the hassle more worthwhile. Does anyone know if the show got recorded?

Andy Bates says

Thanks for the great show Jonathan! I’m still kicking myself for not raising my hand earlier to be a special on-stage assistant.

For anyone who is curious, here is the set list from the show:

Mr. Fancy Pants
Skullcrusher Mountain
Betty and Me
A Talk with George
The Future Soon
Millionaire Girlfriend
Creepy Doll
I’m Your Moon
Chiron Beta Prime
First of May
Code Monkey
You Ruined Everything
Re Your Brains
Mandelbrot Set

Tom Cruise Crazy
I Feel Fantastic
I Hate California

Second Encore:
Womb with a View

Luke M says

Thanks Andy!

chrubuky says

Double thanks Andy. I had it about 80% right, but I was too busy enjoying the show to bother writing it down at the time.

Thanks again for the effort.

Luke M says

I think the venue problem is that C du N is a smallish supper club/bar, and they were unprepared for JC's fanatical (and growing) Bay Area cult following, which finally had a chance to represent. I know several people who would have gone had the show not sold out in advance, and the line to get in formed on the sidewalk like an hour before the doors were supposed to open (some pretty smart, funny folks in that line). Hopefully that respose will let JC book a bigger venue next time, but in any case we will be there, chewing on the doors.

JJ says

I'll second the call for a South Bay gig. I'm thinking The Mountain Winery would be fantastic. Before too long though, there might be enough of us to pack Shoreline.

Jacob Davies says

It was a great show though, I particularly liked the rendition of "Creepy Doll" live. Somehow the verse/chorus transition is much much funnier to me without any production.

Cafe du Nord isn't the best spot for the kind of live music where people actually pay attention to the music, although some friends of mine said that they've improved the speakers back in the standing-room area a lot. I thought the sound was pretty good back there, just the view wasn't quite so great.

Minor downsides: I know that quite a few people were turned away at the door by 8pm. Some of my friends without advance tickets only got in through extreme patience/whining. And the bouncer guy keeping people out of the dinner area was sort of unnecessarily, um, bouncer-esque when I was (eventually successfully) trying to lead one friend to a different group of friends who had a spot at their table, so she could sit near the stage (being mostly blind, duh). That guy was kind of a dick. Especially as that was about the nerdiest crowd I've ever seen at a show. Would be voted "Least Likely To Rush The Stage".

Still! We had an excellent time! Really, those were all pretty minor complaints. I think there were like 30 people I knew there, it was one of those intersecting-social-sets things. Good times!

Eric says

Jesus, I discover Coulton's existence on Friday, love every song I download from iTunes, and discover the following Thursday that he played the day after my birthday in SF, my home town.


Luke M says

Screw Shoreline, I say we pack the Cow Palace! Or at least the Kaiser. Wait, seriously, could we fill the Warfield? It's only the best venue in the city. Something to work toward?

Bill & J.R. says

JC could TOTALLY fill the Warfield! Between his existing Bay Area fan base and that base's word of mouth, he'd sell out fast! Maybe not Springsteen-fast, but definitely faster than Weird Al! JC - get your people on it! You do have 'people' by now, right?