New Awesome Site Things

By JoCo February 20, 2007

Kerrin of JoCoPro has been hard at work making some changes to the Info page for each song. Now in addition to lyrics, you will find the text of the original blog posting for Thing a Week songs, guitar tabs, and all the videos done for that song. This is the beginning of a new era in which each song will blossom like a beautiful flower into a web of yummmy content. Thanks Kerrin for all the help, and also Bry for all the guitar tab work, and also all the rest of you just because you are reading this.

More awesome changes coming soon…


Len says

Hey Kerrin:

Great job! How hard would it be to put a link to the VTAW for each song?

Colleenky says

Extreme awesomeness. FYI, randomly poking around, I found that the guitar tabs for "You Ruined Everything" are on the "Mr. Fancy Pants" page.

Gle3nn says

Great job. Thanks for the time and work to do all that. I think VTAW should be linked also.

Luke M says

Oh, that's coool! Great work!

Now all we need is soundboard recordings of complete live shows in downloadable zip folders at five or ten bucks a pop (I can dream)...

Did I mention that the SF show was frickin' great? I did? Well, it was!

minimo says

The covers should list the original songwriter, if not for copyright reasons, but because we are nosy.

Tom L says

> The covers should list the original songwriter

I second that. This is partly because I didn't know until last week that "Don't Talk to Strangers" was a cover. I realize that means I'm stupid, but still.

Average Jon says

Great! As a newbie, I hadn't seen most of the info.

It would be nice if there were liner notes about some of the pre-thing-a-week songs too.

Kerrin says

I've been bursting to tell people what I've been up to since I started work on it.

Let me just say, the song page is going to get at least one more tab (the plan was always for at least 5)...that was always the plan (until yesterday there was only 3 tabs). The missing tab will have the VTAW in pride of place (images may, or may not get their own tab, I haven't thought the remaining content through yet)

We still need to add images, links to related stuff and anything else we can think of that relates to a song.

And if you think the team (yes there are more than Jonathan mentioned) are done yet, you would be wrong. I still have a few more tweaks to make to, but I wanted to get this released.

If anyone has suggestions for changes, I will take them on
I'm not promising to implement them, but the more ideas I get, the better the improved site will be.

I'm glad that people are pleased with the change, I think it is great, but then I spent more hours than I care to remember working on this, so I would.

Other people that I feel deserve a mention are, Spiff, who is very hard at work, and Alden who was the first to offer assistance with the guitar tabs.

Oh, and if the site goes down, that will be my fault, I'm new to Word Press, and I'm sorry, I'll bring it back up as quick as possible ;)

Janet says

Oh, Kerrin -- that is so wonderful! You don't know how much time I've spent paging through the various archive months, looking for that paragraph that I SORT of remembered from the TAW commentaries.

You (guys) are a treasure. Seriously.