Thanks Merchies

By JoCo February 14, 2007

Thanks for stepping up everyone – merch tables are covered for all the west coast shows (though I’m still looking for someone at the Knitting Factory show this Friday – nobody’s coming, right? It’s going to be an empty house?). Also, the San Francisco show is sold out, which is just crazy. Bunch of geeks out there.


Chris Radcliff says

I think you'll have to do an extra-special version of I Hate California just for them...

JJ says

wOOt! Way to represent, Bay Area! I can't wait for the show.

Glenn says

I passed by the Crystal Ballroom last night, and a visage staring out from the window stopped me in the tracks -- a big ol' poster for you up in the window (looking serious!) proclaiming "best geek music ever" or something like that.

Big time, baby! The days people asking you to play silly stuff like birthdays will be a distant memory soon!

Mike Richardson says

I would love to volunteer for the Knitting Factory (great venue!) but unfortunately, there's about 500 miles and a ton of crappy weather between Buffalo, NY and the Fiefdom of New York City... :-(.

JoCo need to come to Buffalo. Or Toronto. Or any city ending in -o.

A.E. Roman says

I just discovered your music via a YOUTUBE video. You must know about it by now. Andrea? I linked to it today under CRAZY ON TOP. Love your stuff. I will be buying and collecting. More please. Thank you.

Katherine says

A friend and I are planning to be at the Knitting Factory gig on Friday. He wanted to volunteer for the merch table at Union Hall and I said no, so I'm making it up to him now. ;) We'd be happy to.

Steve C says

Sai Coulton:

I'll be at your knitting factory show this Friday, and it's my birthday to boot. Normally, I'd volunteer for the mech table in a heartbeat, but my girlfriend got me the tix for the show and she's far-too-good-for-me to leave her alone in a room full of potentially single guys whilst I push the goods. Plus -- it's my first Coulton gig! I can't miss any of it! However, if things don't work out with Katherine and her buddy (above post), let me know.

And wish me a happy birthday. I'll be the person with a lot of dorky interests and an unhealthy obsession with monkeys, robots, and zombies, singing along with every single word. You won't be able to miss me, or the 400 other people just like me. (How big is this venue, anyway?)


Average Jon says

Mike, there are a couple cities on this trip that end in 'o'. You might want to add that it shouldn't start with 'San-'.

minimo says

>Also, the San Francisco show is sold out, which is just crazy. Bunch of geeks out there.

An hour from Silicon Valley?? No! Whoda thunk?

Danny says

I am sad. I was planning to go to SF show with some friends. I hope you come back this way soon.

Mike says

We had a good time at the Knitting Factory. You rocked and Boggia was pretty damn good.

Kenesaw Mountain Landis for life.

Jay Allen says

The San Francisco show at Cafe Du Nord was fantastic and also my first live show of Señor Coulton. And yes, he did play "I Hate California" to a rousing reception[1]. The place was packed and standing room only in the back but still had a cozy feel.

Thanks for making our Sunday night a great one, Jonathan! Come back soon.

[1] - Most sane people who love CA also hate it. It's too big and diverse to feel one particular thing about it.