Union Hall Videos

By JoCo February 1, 2007

Those of you who missed the show in Brooklyn on Tuesday missed a rare opportunity to see a ukulele in the wild. Kristen, the winner of the Code Monkey Remix Contest, uked for me on Code Monkey and Tom Cruise Crazy (on which I played a low quality acoustic bass guitar very poorly). Despite all my joshing about professionalism, please note that it was I who made the most mistakes – that is how I roll.

Code Monkey

Tom Cruise Crazy


Gle3nn says

That was great!

Glenn Peters says

Excellent! Please don't use up all the real excitement before the west coast!

Nils says

Awesome! But what's with the MS-advertising? Shame on you.... :-)

BobCat says

.NET is up to 3.0 now.

Moe says

It was a great show! I'm glad someone got it on film. The uke brought a whole new sound to Code Monkey. How many times did you two practice together beforehand?

JoCo says

3.0?! Where does the time go?

dirkk says

Who sang the second voice in the refrain in the audience? sounded very nice to me ...

Kristen says

Perhaps even more importantly, those who were not at the Brooklyn show also missed Mr. Fancy Pants! Was that the first-ever live performance?

We had one rehearsal, which was mostly taken up by me insisting on playing the theremin. That thing is sweet.

That disembodied voice was a woman who was singing along, often in harmony, to many of the songs. Nice on "Code Monkey," slightly uncomfortable on "First of May."

Sparky says

That was ukelicious.

Rich says

Great clips. Any more videos available from this show?