Someone Is Crazy vs. Heroes

By JoCo February 1, 2007

Damon sends in this video for Someone Is Crazy using clips from Heroes. I wish I watched this show – I was kind of excited for it when it first came out, but then I somehow missed the first couple of episodes and never got back on the train. I suppose I’ll probably Netflix it when it’s out on DVD. Until then, I will enjoy it by watching Damon’s video.


Jesse Chounard says

I don't know that they still have all of them up, but you can watch episodes of Heroes on NBC's website. I think they put new episodes up a day or two after they air.

I love the show, and whether you find a way to catch up or wait for Netflix, I highly recommend it. :)

Glenn says

There's always iTunes -- that's how I'm planning on getting myself into it from the beginning.

Ben says

Definately watch the show. You can get the humor tying into the song without having seen it (the dead bodies in the trunk tied to "How did that get there?" is funny) but its funnier if you know how they actually got there.

Len says

Yeah, it's a good show. They are re-running them on SCi-Fi in case they grab them off the NBC site.

Gle3nn says

I went here to catch up on Heroes.
They have Firefly too!

Damon says

Ben, thanks for the kind words. I had fun making it.

Tabby says

Timing's a little off in a couple places, but God what a brilliant idea! Clever, and the clips are well-chosen.

Bob says

Heroes is fantastic, but the Niki/Jessica subplot is a huge drag on the series. this video, on the other hand, made her existance worthwhile.

Carrie says

Someone is Crazy is one of my favorite songs of yours, haha. :x I'm working on a video with it, myself. I don't really know that much of you, I was interested, but missed a bit and then was really far behind.