More West Coast Details

By JoCo January 31, 2007

So I’ve now got actual venues lined up for San Diego and LA.

San Diego: House of Blues, 5th Avenue Stage, February 20th at 8 PM.

Los Angeles: Hotel Cafe, February 21st at 11 PM. Sorry so late, but you LA people finish putting on your makeup until 10 anyway right?

So now the details for the west coast tour can now be found on my shows page. Blog that shit, a-sap!


Lobsterman says

Oh right. So you'll be in Vienna, VA soon. Ever thought about coming to real Vienna, across the ocean?

Chris Radcliff says

Any word on a URL for tickets? The House of Blues San Diego site still doesn't have you listed...

Chris Radcliff says

Oh, and consider it blogged.

JoCo says

Right on. Thanks Chris. Tickets for San Diego HOB are on sale at ticketmaster and I've added a link to the Eventful page.

Glenn says

I, too, have blogged.

Well, livejournaled.

Gle3nn says

Next time you plan a west coast trip, could you split the distance between SD and LA and do a show in the OC? There is a House Of Blues at Disneyland. I just realized that's kinda funny, the happiest place on earth has the blues.
My poor car is going to get a real workout, but it will be worth it. Thanks for coming back out here.

James Cooper says

Hmm, 11pm Wednesday show, might have to take up caffeine again to be in attendance. Hope I can pull it off this time.

David R says

Woohoo...I just checked the shows page and found one in San Francisco, which is driving distance for me. And amazingly the tickets were not sold out yet (somehow whenever I buy any kind of concert tickets, they become sold out before I even know about the concert). Can't wait until the 18th :)

Shannon says

Can you do an almost east coast trip please? Somewhere in the south east Michigan/Toledo Ohio area? We're lacking good music. We'll be waiting for you JC ;-)

jewlie says

Consider it blogged.

In need of merch help for Los Angeles?

Jeff says

anybody know the drill for buying tix to the Hotel show? I've never been there.

Colleenky says

Jeff: Hotel Cafe doesn't have pre-sale tickets for this show, so you'll have to buy them at the box office on show night.

FYI, for everyone who's coming to the LA show, parking in that area is, of course, a nightmare. I recommend the parking lot on the west side of Wilcox, between Selma and Hollywood. It's one block west of Hotel Cafe.

And while I'm not a blogger, a contingent from Enigma (the UCLA Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming club) will be in attendance, with monkeys and HaPoMoMos in tow.

Tony C says

What about the Bay Area?! Hotel Utah? Frieght and Salvage? Ashkenaz? the peninsula? There's gotta be a boatload of JC fans who'd show.

Eric H says

Woo! Finally a show in my town! I just bought tickets.