Donnie Davies

By JoCo January 31, 2007

Someone forwarded me a link to this video, supposedly by Christian pop artist and reformed homosexual Donnie Davies. I was pretty sure this was a joke (and a funny one), but I confess that it was a close call – it’s like looking at one of those optical illusions where first you see two faces and then you see a vase. Then I followed some links to his ministry site, Love God’s Way and was further convinced. There were just a few too many red flags and pink shirts.

Before I post stuff like this, I always like to cover my ass and make sure it’s not something really old, some hoax that everybody already knows about, a viral marketing thing that I’ve fallen for, etc. But it was hard to get any definitive info on this one. I went to Wikipedia and found that there was once an article, but it had been deleted for a number of reasons, basically because nobody could tell who this guy really was. Spooky.

A little more googling and I found a few debates and theories. And then finally this post from blogger Joe My God seems to put the matter to rest with a few links to some convincing evidence including a myspace page and a photo of a sketch comedy group: Donnie Davies is actor Joey Ogelsby. Thank goodness, my bullshit detector still pretty much works.

I have to say, it’s a subtle hoax – you almost never get a winky moment that tips you off. But the internet always knows. And now I’ve spent an hour doing this when I should be working. Thanks a lot Joey Ogelsby.


Glenn Peters says

I only found this a day or two ago myself. I kind of thought this was real at first (but that someone wa having fun with him regarding the "safe" bands. Then one of my friends points out he uses the spelling "centre" which is about as much of a giveaway as drinking Evian.

I just wish it were easier to distinguish radical Christian extremists like this from the parodies like this. In a country where the majority don't even believe in evolution, something's gone horribly, horribly wrong here.

Patrick says

hoax or not, congratulations on avoiding the Gay Bands list.

JoCo says

I'm actually kind of offended I didn't make that list. Where's the love Donnie?

jadelennox says

there's a few winks. On his website, he lists "Cyndi Lauper" as one of the "safe bands".

Glenn says

I think he was split on you, JC. "The Big Boom" is good, because Christian extremists look forward to the end of the world. On the other hand, and lot of songs contain a suspicious amount of science.

Anna says

I suspected it was a joke, but like you guys, could not find the raised eyebrow in there to tell me it was, indeed, a joke.

But dude - did you SEE the C.H.O.P.S. logo? It's gayer than the 1890s.

And one of the gay bands is listed: "Elton John (really gay)." I'm not sure if that "really" means "actually" or "extremely." Could be either. Still kinda funny.

Steph says

This guy looks like Ron Jeremy--ew! Hey, so where's that show in LA supposed to be?

minimo says

2 more giveaways.
Under 'gay bands' - Morrissey (Questionable.)
The hand symbol for God's Way is in the fisting position.
You weren't sure, JC? Oh, that is so sweet!

Dan says

The quote from Oscar Wilde labelled "reformed homosexual" gave it away for me. The gay bands list is awesome, though.

tommy says

too bad - looks like it's all being taken down!