Brooklyn Show Tonight

By JoCo January 30, 2007

Just reminding the handful of people who actually read this thing: tonight I’ll be at Union Hall in Park Slope Brooklyn along with David Rees and Graham Smith. The show starts at 8:45 and it’s likely to be pretty full (or at least it was likely before I tempted fate by saying that), so you may want to buy tickets in advance. I can say these things about my set: there will be ukulele, I will have a guest backup vocalist, I will play the bass guitar for one song.

I almost forgot, it’s time for my customary last minute call for merch help – if you’d like to get in free and run the merch table, let me know. There’s a shiny new quarter in it for you.

Also, there is bocce…


Gle3nn says

Oh to be in Ukelyn tonight. As I wait patiently for the California shows, I am wondering if there is any info on venues in CA yet.

minimo says

Don't get lost on your way to the venue.

Janet says

And I think the other five would all agree with me that we would be there tonight, if we were in Brooklyn.

Big J says

Anyone know what time JoCo will be hitting the stage?

Colleenky says

Glenn, check the Shows page. Apparently the LA show is scheduled for 11:00pm at some place called Hotel Cafe.

Gle3nn says

Thanks. I didn't even think to look there.
Is Videotaping going to be allowed in any of these places?

Glenn says

Hey, that's a good question -- I'd like to bring my camera to the Portland show.

Dave says

There are more than a handful of us. I just got introduced a few weeks ago and I am now a huge fan. I'll be there if you make it to beer country WI.

BobCat says

The show was great.
The wheat beer was, too.