And Two More Desserts Not Pictured

ByJoCo January 26, 2007

Guess where I had lunch this week? Here’s a hint (and a picture of my dessert, post-eating):


Hodgman and I performed for Google employees at the New York office on Wednesday, and then ate in the cafeteria. It’s true what they say, lunch is really excellent there, not only because it’s free. I had a veal chop grilled with sage and a side of truffled macaroni and cheese. Crazy! There were like eight different salad bars there, and a guy grilling sirloin steaks to order. We walked around the offices a bit too, and saw countless happy workers riding on scooters, doodling on white boards, and participating in bake-offs – really everything but adding a multiple destination option to Google maps.


Spiff says

Regretting giving up the life of a code monkey... ?

Glenn says

Everyone is dropping subtle (cough) hints about Google lately -- first Gaiman, now you. I was wondering for a while why my Google friend hadn't bragged about this, but then I noticed this was the New York office.

I want to be a happy worker too.

Tim says

Check out Google Maps now, there's a nice new little "Add destination" link when you're getting directions. The happy workers are still getting things done, despite the bake-offs.

JoCo says

I stand corrected! I swear that wasn't there the last time I checked...

Cecil Vortex says

well I bet they weren't integrating google groups and google calendars. Oh no. They're way too busy for that.

Matt says

So there is a heaven. And it's a registered trademark of the Google Corporation.

Mike says

I've always thought of Google as a sort of Wonka's Chocolate Factory...

Keith says

So when are you and Hodgman coming out to Mountain View? ;-)

Don says

I am so glad it just freshly post eating, rather than a few hours post eating... ewwww...

John A. says

Hey, Keith... You may want to make the drive up to SF on 2/18 for the
show at Cafe du Nord (posted in Jonathan's list of appearances in "Coupla Shows" blog entry). Stop by the It's It factory (just off 101 in Burlingame) on the way...

Joel says

Veal, John? Veal? For shame. I now idolize you slightly less.

Joel says

Whoops. Meant to type "Jon". I'll apologize for the "h" if you apologize for the veal.

awry1 says

The baby version of any animal is always tastiest. Not surprisingly, the cuter the baby animal is, the better it serves the palate.
Lamb (baby sheep) > Veal (baby cow) with greater being tastier.
Using this formula, I can be sure that baby seal would be delicious. Also, kittens high on catnip. And that kid from Jerry Maguire.

Debbie Ridpath Ohi says

Hey, I recently discovered your music through Rand Bellavia and Tony Fabris. Your songs are crazy-infectious, especially Skullcrusher Mountain and Your Brains. How very cool that you performed for the Googleites!

Greg says

This is off the topic of the post, but I just got word that you will be performing at the Penny Arcade Expo! Jon, this is fabulous news! Two of the best things in the world put together? It's like chocolate and peanut butter, if one of them was a webcomic and one was a singer/songwriter. I can't wait for this!

Sam says

Truffled Macaroni Cheese? Sounds a bit.. odd and I speak from experience here.

Grant says

John A (and Keith):

Sadly, I don't think It's-It does factory tours. My wife called them last year to ask (it's a long story) and they said no. However, this page on their site provides directions, and I can't imagine they'd provide those if there was nothing to see there: