Site Trouble

By JoCo January 24, 2007

Well, I think the problem with playing music on the Songs page has been solved (please let me know if it’s not). Thanks to everyone who helped troubleshoot. For the curious, it had to do with some URL rewrites – somewhere along the way the playtagger and/or some browsers changed the referrer, and I had to add an exception for it.

Now the forums are broken. Sigh.


Matt says

You and me both, brother. Lately every time I get one thing figured out, another thing breaks and I'm spending all my time fixing and not actually getting anything accomplished.

Glenn says

Me three. Whenever I try and get something done, I seem to get trap in an infinitely recursive loop where there's always something else to fix/do before I can complete the current task.

ORF says

I resolve to work "recursive" into my vocabulary today.

Janet says

Thank goodness. I thought I'd broken the forums all by myself. Or grazed them in a parking lot or something.

Shruti says

They seem to be working now. (The forums.)

Mike says

No matter how tempting, you gotta stop letting Manager Rob code the goddamn login pages himself, ok?