Wired Cover

By JoCo January 18, 2007

Guess who’s on the February cover of Wired? (Hint: it is not me!) I don’t have a link or an image or anything, I’m just saying…


Matt says

Ivan Evstatiev Geshov? The Bulgarian statesman who founded the Bulgarian National Bank?

Ben says

I'm going with the artificially created love child of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, The Woz, and the ultra-pretentious guy who founded Oracle.

Matt says

So ... not Ivan then.

Chase says

I would say me, but I was on the cover of Time magazine just recently, so...

Glenn says

Kennesaw Mountain Landis?

Moe says

Soterios Johnson?

Mary says


Jen says

Fine, I'll do it, too.

Benoît Mandelbrot?

Mary says

Hodgman and Mandelbrot sharing a mouth kiss?

(A girl can dream, can't she?)

Randal C. says

A half-pony half-monkey monster?

Scott Haley says

They like monkeys...they like ponies...

Zac says

The February one? Because the January one has a computer representation of a human body.

Jen says

So, you're going to leave us in suspense? It's possible that you are, in fact, an evil genius, JC.

Seth Christenfeld says

The Hodgmeister?

BobCat says

This link http://www.wired.com/ly/wired/wired/covers/cover15_02.jpg will eventually have the cover at it.

Cecil Vortex says

I'm going go with Matter Eating Lad. I don't know why. It just seems like his time has finally come.

Len says

Your avatar? George Plimpton?

awry1 says


...or get a subscription.

Randal C. says

Joe Shablotnik, my all-time hero?

sindex says

I'm going with code monkeys, yup yup.

Average Jon says

Todd the T1000?

Kerrin says

I followed this link:
And saw a picture of John Hodgeman (who was my guess), and I though "Yeah! I was right!", only to realize it was a 404 page with the Apple computer advert playing. Oh well, I might still be right.

LL says

Is it that O RLY owl? Because that would be awesome. I'm thinking about being that for halloween.

Janet says

I'm on the Matter Eating Lad train, too. As long as they include one of his killer word balloons.... "Yum, yum! This old ray-gun sure tastes good, yessirree!"

M_pony says

Rick Wakeman? Don Henley? Ooh, wait.. ummm... Peter Cetera? Peter Criss! ... Hodge-podge! Bill the Cat!!

Paco says

It's gotta be Future Girl! (Please please please)

sindex says

Robert Anton Wilson?

joy says

it's hodgman. confirmed by www.gawker.com

Glenn says

and Hodgman wins!

Glenn says

Wow, neck and neck. Seconds apart.

kodamakitty says

Wow, I was really glad to get our subscription copy in the mail today! JH looks great and his introduction for the article and side bits of wisdom are great (and the fonts really do look nice). The black suit is certainly very hip and MIB, but I think I like the more continental look of the lighter suits.

Anyway, thanks for helping me look forward to the daily snail mail delivery

^_^ Liza

Jesse says

Grr . . . my stupid school mailroom still hasn't processed last month's wired, let alone this month's.


I'll just have to wait and see for myself later.

Mary says

Heh. I guessed Hodgeman first. What do I win? *g*

Mary says

(Well, I spelled his name correctly the first time.)

Zac says

Has everyone read the article, available online at http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/15.02/bigquestions.html ? It is hilarious.