I Pervade More Media

By JoCo January 17, 2007

So many of you have sent this in, I don’t think this will be news to anyone, but this web comic (thanks Rob!) quoted lyrics from Re: Your Brains in a delightfully inside-baseball kind of way. As if everyone should know where those lyrics come from…


Spiff says

Maybe I'm an idiot, but I found that comic incomprehesible. What was it about exactly? (other than zombies, obviously)

Darth Paradox says

It's the fourteenth page of a comic about a guy that gets sucked into a tabletop strategy game. It'll probably make more sense if you start from the beginning.

Matt says

From what I gather, it's about a fat guy who likes stale peeps and does something having to do with turn based strategy games and websites. Apperantly he's played games for so long that he now has a perfect military mind and is transported into a tron-esque world by a nearly naked woman who (I guess) wants to rule everything.

Rob Balder says

Erfworld is a story comic. You can get a much better idea by reading from the beginning.

In one sentence, though: it's the story of a fat and geeky gamer guy who is summoned into a gamelike Fantasy universe...where the war is real, the odds are hopeless, and he must lead the bad guys.

We use a lot of cultural references in the comic, sometimes for humor but mostly for atmosphere. This particular page is important because it's not only the introduction of the main character "Parson Gotti," but also the first time the readers realize there's more to the story than just the oddball universe of Erfworld.

I thought of a number of likely songs that Parson might be listening to on the way to his job at Kinkos, but "Re Your Brains" was perfect. It's popular with gamers, and it has that "spend your whole life locked inside a mall" line that would resonate with him personally.

Plus I'll happily promote my friend Jonathan anywhere, any time. In fact, look for more of that, coming soon at http://www.thefump.com!

Rob Balder says

Meh. Can't edit the dumb link. The Funny Music Project. There

Glenn Peters says

Dibs on his dice.

Scarybug says

Aha! Webcomic Rob Balder IS the same guy as Funny Music Rob Balder!

Man, that was bugging me.

I'm all listening to Manic Mondays, and hear stuff with Rob Balder and then on Comixpedia and read stuff with Rob Balder, and I'm all "Is that the same guy?"

Douglas says

Ahh... the union of Coulton and Giant in the Playground... two of my favorite geek foods. Now just mix in some XKCD and I'll be pretty much ready to die.


Douglas says

Oh yeah... and you were quoted in ANOTHER Web comic, by the way:


interstellarmutant says

Erfworld is cool, and I was delighted to find the reference to the Zombie song! Of course I knew the song, it's so awesome :)

ORF says

Love that comic, as well as OOTS.

JoCo has also been plugged relatively recently in a Penny Arcade news post. I guess they caught a show in Seattle and wanted to hook JoCo up at PAX. That would be cool.

Darth Paradox says

Yes. JoCo at PAX would be frickin' awesome. A bunch of us prodded him at the last Seattle show about it...

Ryan says

You've made it HUGE now, JC.

Killface, the evil villian from [adult swim]'s excellent show, Frisky Dingo, has "Skullcrusher Mountain" as the song on his myspace page.