Coupla Shows

By JoCo January 17, 2007

Got a few things coming up in January and February, and here they are:

Tuesday 1/30 8:45 PM at Union Hall in Brooklyn – Joining me are David Rees and Graham Smith. This is my first time at this venue, and it sure is convenient to where I live, so I hope it goes well.

Friday 2/16 at the Knitting Factory in NYC – details to come, but looks like I’ll be opening for pal Jim Boggia.

Then a tour of the west coast – I’m back, hippies!

Sunday 2/18 8:00 PM at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco, CA

Tuesday 2/20 at someplace or other in San Diego, CA (more soon)

Wednesday 2/21 at some kind of venue in LA, CA (working on it)

Friday 2/23 9:30 PM at White Eagle in Portland, OR

Saturday 2/24 7:00 PM at Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA

And then, check this out, I’ll be performing at the US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, which is 2/28-3/4. This is serious bidness: comedy business.


Glenn Peters says

Portland, eh? Hmmmm. Warning -- the city has been shut down by a terrible snow storm! Almost four inches of snow! Panic!! (actually, the roads are really trecherous, partly because they don't know how to plow here, partly because they don't know how to drive.)

Hey congratulations on the comedy festival gig - this is rapidly moving to a "I knew them when" situation.

James Cooper says

Sadly, I missed the last LA show. I'll have to try extra hard to make it to this upcoming one. I saw Jim Boggia open for another act last year and I thoroughly enjoyed his performance. Most opening acts I've seen have been forgettable but I remember Jim's work.

Steph says

ooh, i hope i'll be able to make it to the LA show! Wherever it may be...

Kodamakitty says


Congrats on the US Comedy Arts Festival - amazing and well-deserved! I noticed from the press release that the Alloy Orchestra will be playing. If you get the chance, check them out. They do some great percussion-heavy instrumentation for silent movies. They've performed their score for Metropolis here in Detroit a few times and it's pretty good stuff.

Might be worth getting HBO for a trial period if they're covering all of the event...

^_^ Liza

Tony Fabris says

THRILLED you're gonna be playing at the Tractor. Great place, a lot of great bands play there. Fun fun fun!!!!

Thanks for coming out to the west coast again!

Darth Paradox says

Yay, another stop in Seattle!

The hippies welcome you back gladly.

jewlie says

Hooray! Los Angeles thanks you (in advance) for coming back.

JuliusMarx says

I will SO be at that LA show! Come Hell or high water or even Zombie co-workers!

LoRe says

Whoo! The Tractor! Yay!

I can think of better times of year to go to Aspen. Well, unless you ski and have a helicopter. Are they sending flying monkeys to carry in participants? Diamond-studded mink-clad flying monkeys?

Randal L. Schwartz says

Darn you for coming to my hometown (Portland) on a week that I'm out of town!

Well, I'll be thinking of you while I'm shopping at that five-mile-high mall. :)

Brett says

I hear Phoenix is nice this time of year.

Andy says

Your Seattle shows show a distinct lack of underage love.

I still managed to make it to your last one, but I doubt I'll be that lucky this time around.

Glenn says

Warning for Portland folks -- clicking on the maps from Eventful for White Eagle will lead you to the wrong place. Here's the correct address. (Well, acording to Google):

836 N Russell St, Portland, OR

Zro says

Wow, your coming to Seattle again!!! and on my birthday!!! This couldn't get better! well, I guess it would be slightly better if I could go into the building where you'll be performing, but that's just a detail.

Scott Haley says

Since it's over a month until the Portland show, there's a good chance that the snow will be gone.

I'm looking forward to the Seattle show. I bought my ticket.

Tony Fabris says

Oh, Andy: Don't even *try* getting into the Tractor. Sorry, they card everyone at the door, they're pretty serious. Sucks to be underage! :-(

Spencer says

Shame that your Portland show will be adults-only. It was grand to see you at Powell's with Hodgman-- I'd love to see you again.

The White Eagle Saloon-- is that the place that has Strip Bingo every Friday night?

JJ says

Woohoo, San Fran! I'm going to try and round up plenty of code monkeys from down here in the silicon valley.

D.J. Sylvis says

TORONTO! Dang it, isn't Hodgman even gonna wind up doing a reading up here or anything? There's a whole country dying for hobo names and songs about monkeys, dammit!

Jeff says

Please come to Minneapolis and play us a show!!! We're cold, sunlight-deprived folk that need more than a little cheering.

Dylan O says

Hint hint: Bring CDs to Seattle. I'm looking forward to seeing you. I have absolutely no idea where that place is... but we'll be there.

D.J. Sylvis says is showing that you'll be appearing for Pi Day in Montreal -- is this accurate?

JoCo says

This would be the first I'm hearing of it - I notice that it's taking place at "Ikea Palace," which sounds lovely...

D.J. Sylvis says

Yes, and I can't find any listing anywhere for that as an actual venue, SAVE on ...

Qaein says

Hurray! The Monkeys, Zombies, Giant Squid and Meyhem are returning to Seattle! I've already bought ticketts for a friend and myself, and I can't wait 'til you're back! I will continue to spread the good news of Coulton wherever I can.

Toni says

Yay, San Diego!!! I'm gonna buy like 10 tickets and give them out to people. Although I'm really hoping the HOB rumor is false.... you belong at the Belly Up, man!