IE 7 and Streaming Issues

By JoCo January 13, 2007

Anyone else having trouble using the play button on the Songs page while using Internet Explorer 7 on a Windows machine? Don’t tell me they broke it…


Shruti says

Me, I think. I have to go into the songs' info page in order for them to work. I know I have IE; I'll presume it's IE 7. I don't know when it stopped working, but it did.

Marysusan says

I sent links to the songs page to several of my nefarious pals who then lamblasted me because the songs would not play...damned IE 7!

Matt says

I went, I clicked, I sat. It says "loading" but it lies. This is why IE7 has only been installed on one of my systems as an experiment. The experiment has thus far been a failure.

Gle3nn says

Hey! That's the first time it ever worked for me in Internet Exploitable. It never worked for me before in IE, not that I use it much.

Stevie says

Everyone should use Firefox...

Rossi46 says

Yes, IE7 fails to play to load the song and start Media Player. This has been the case for several weeks. If you select a "free download" sample the page link for that song does allow Media Player to start directly. I had not been back to this site for a while since you were on PBR as the site was very busy and at the time I assumed that was the problem. Just also as an FYI, currect version of Vista also shows that problem as it has IE7 as the base browser. Keep up the good work

JoCo says

Ah, crap. And just to make sure it's not just a problem with my site, can anyone verify that the same problem happens on this page:

BadServo says

Both the links here and on the page in your comment above work flawlessly for me with IE7 on Vista.

Matt says

The play button worked for me on that site, but still not on yours. So, from my experience, IE7 on XP Pro x64 doesn't work here and does on the other site. IE6 on XP Pro (32-bit) works on both. I believe the technical term for this is "WTF?"

spamwise says

The top 2 on that site worked for me, but the 3rd did not. And, sadly, none of the links on you song page are working either. Code Monkey not feeling so great. :(

Glenn says

I don't really have anything to say, but the latest PopSci podcast reminded me that I haven't checked this site for a couple of days.

Zac says

It works for me in IE7 (writing this comment now in Firefox while We Will Rock You plays).

JoCo says

Well, now I'm really confused. Not a problem with IE7 specifically I guess. I'm tempted to throw up my hands and let the gods of the internet decide.

Colleenky says

I can't get the songs to play in IE 6 either. I was having this trouble on my sister's computer back in November. I thought it was just her crappy computer.

jeff says

Hi All --

Perhaps we should remember that it is actually Adobe Flash that is streaming and playing the music; the browser used is only hosting the plug-in. It may not be a browser-specific issue at all ,but rather dependent on the version of Flash installed on the PC.

I know it's fun to blame Microsoft for everything that ever goes wrong in the world, but sometimes you have to be a little crazy and unusual and different from everyone else and actually look at things objectively ...

scott says

Well, I can say that the Play plug-in worked for me in IE the second week of December (the week after Jonathan's NPR interview) because I used it a lot then and my wife did too, on her own computer at work (also running IE). And I can also say that Play has not worked for me in IE7 for the last two weeks. Something definitely happened to muck up the way the plug-in works within the browser.

Just now, I tried the Play feature again in a different setting. (I'm using Safari on a Mac running OSX.) It DOES WORK in this case (although the sound briefly pauses intermittently because I'm on a WIFI network in an internet cafe now).

Perhaps the problem with IE is that some of the online program upgrades I've made at work may have caused a conflict between IE and the plug-in. I keep notes on my online upgrades. I'll see if those notes offer any insight into the problem when I'm next in the office.

JoCo says

OK, current theory is that it has to do with some new version of something, not necessarily IE, and mp3's with apostrophes in the title. I think that for some configurations, the page loads with javascript errors and all the buttons get broken - I'm betting that those people will be able to play songs successfully on the individual lyrics pages, but not on the main songs page. If anyone's still paying attention to this thread and has the problem, sound off and let me know if that's true. I may need to switch to a different button...

Dave says

Using IE 6 and can't play the songs on either the main Songs page or the individual lyrics page. So. There's that.

JoCo says

Oh, come on! Stupid internet! OK Dave (or anybody), check out the songs on Paul and Storm's page, they use a different flash button. Do those work for you?

Colleenky says

Nope. None work for me (IE 6). Can't open them from the Songs page, the Lyrics page or from the Paul and Storm site. :-p

Dave says

Trying to listen to the incomparable Paul and Storm also results in heartwrenching failure.

Matt says

Okay. You're going to love this. And by "love this" I mean "pull your hair out." I made sure everything was up to date on my IE7 PC and neither yours nor Paul & Storm's play buttons worked for me. Slid over a couple feet to the Mac, did the same updating and yours works perfectly but P&S's don't.

Matt says

No joy on the IE6 laptop for either site.

Along the same lines, I don't know what uses, but their play sample button works on all 3. It may be worth looking into what they use.

Ted says

I got a feeling were all getting screwed by this IE7 Streaming video issues are popping up as well. Please let me know if my site is working