Code Monkey Animated Series

By JoCo January 12, 2007

G4 TV will debut a new animated series this Spring called “Code Monkeys,” the story of a group of 80s game designers. It will be animated in the style of a Super Nintendo game. No word yet on whether it will have a decent theme song.


Declan Rowan says

I can think of at least one... Re: Your Brains? :-P

Glenn says

The Future Now!

Spiff says

No, you idiots. My Monkey. (duh)

Gle3nn says

I was thinking I'm Your Moon.

Tanukitsune says

As a pixel artist, a novice pixel artist I must say, I'd hate to say I cringe at the bad pixel art used in this.. thing...

Super Nintendo graphics? No way, Turbo Grafx graphics, maybe, but I've never seen a SNES game look this bad...

Come to think of it, it looks like a decent Master System game to me...

Translation to non-gamer: It looks pretty bad... :P

PS: "Furry Lobster" is the obvious option for this series!

Qaein says

Oh man, I was sooo thinking he was meaning "When You Go"...guess I gotta learn how to interpret people still...

Cecil Vortex says

I'm thinking "You Ruined Everything," since that song is so clearly about someone screwing up someone else's near-perfect game of Star Castle.

I don't quite get the "in the nicest way" part and how that fits in, but mebbe the guy playing the game also had to go to the loo, and so although he was angry about the game ending, there was some happiness there too.


minimo says

I just heard on NPR that the Dresden Dolls got $20,000 a year from a Belgian jam and jelly manufacturer to use their song in a commercial. There's a price tip for you, JoCo.
It would be crazy if the cartoon producer *didn't* talk to you about using your song--but then again, do you want to be associated with a *crappy* cartoon? I, for one, wouldn't hold it against you if you decide to take the money and run.

JJ says

I just saw an ad for 'Code Monkeys' on G4 and guess what song was playing? Congrats! Hope you're getting 20 gees a year.