CES Videos

By JoCo January 12, 2007

I just got back yesterday from a few days in Vegas at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), doing some video blogging with FutureGirl for PopSci. Now my feet hurt, my TV seems too small, and the stripper I fell in love with won’t call me back. But that’s CES for you!

We put together four different videos, each of them having the theme “we walk around and look at stuff. You can see them here, here, here and here. If you watch the beginning of the last one closely, you may see a thin strip of my belly. Lucky you.


Mike says

Cool. It's very entertaining, although I keep looking in the background for friends and co-workers. So, when will the CES/Vegas song be available? :)

Kodamakitty says

After all of that time on the road, getting crazy with the Cheez Whiz and logging tons of miles, a similar strip of my belly would be anything but slim.

Great job keeping a bemused expression and just being your entertaining self!


Gle3nn says

Thank you for wading through the crowds at CES so we don't have to.